Not Your Average Chick

Stationery Enthusiast & Mental Wellness Advocate


In an era of instant gratification, it is easy to fall prey to the notion of perfection.

If perfection is what you are in search of, NYAC is not the place you will find it.

NYAC explores real life, Candace a bipolar alcoholic in recovery, is picking up the pieces in an attempt to chase her dreams.

Fueled by passion and driven by sheer determination, she refuses to allow trivial aspects of life to stand in her way. Accepting life on life’s terms and implementing self-improvement tactics she has discovered that finding a solution is her only solution to facing life & its challenges. Her no regrets approach to life is proof of her strength and dignity.

NYAC Est. 2018

At 40 years old she has finally come to understand that success isn’t measured by material things yet determined within oneself. On a continuous road to recovery, she documents her achievements and failures, in hopes of helping others find their solution. A mental health advocate, stationery addict, a creative and a woman on a mission can be used to describe the premise of Not Your Average Chick.

Candace writes from a place of love using encouraging words to motivate her audience. She lends herself as a crisis listener and voice for the mental health community. She participates in a collaborative mental health blog, The Bipolar Writer, sharing her personal creative writings under a pseudonym.

What you can expect:
Expect the unexpected. You will laugh, cry, clap and cheer with topics geared to motivate, encourage, inspire and make you think. Featuring art infused with organization.

Welcome to the unconventional lifestyle blog of Not Your Average Chick where we do life our way!


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