Not Your Average Chick

Stationery Enthusiast & Mental Wellness Advocate


Good afternoon chicks!

This post will describe the nature of Not Your Average Chick’s blog.  

What you can expect

Nothing.  Expectations are no good and a set up for disappointment!  NYAC is an unconventional lifestyle blog with a no-regrets approach to life!  Everything and anything will be discussed but the main focuses will surround mental wellness, stationery, and crafting.  Ultimately, it is my goal to begin selling handmade products and to be solely reliant on these sales within 5 years!  This is sure to be an adventure!


A little history

I have always been employed in the service industry with dreams of owning my own business.  Unfortunately, my plans did not go as planned and I fell prey to substance abuse. I was unaware that the underlying issue was bipolar, I was self-medicating.  


Now here I am at a turning point in my life.  I will soon be 40 and I would like to take a chance.

Start my own creative business and with limited funds, this will be a challenge.  I am sober from alcohol for 3 years and some months. I am medicated for bipolar and currently stable.

Living with my creative, inspiring Ma, we create products and provide the supplies.  She is my teammate. Y’all can call her KK or Ma.

The future

The future offers a way for this small creative business to expand.  We are humble in receiving donations or product donations.

If you are in the position to network with me in providing products or art supplies for NYAC, please contact me via my contact page.


Thank you – Sincerely,

Candace Lynne


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