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Baby Steps-NYAC

Hey, Chicks!

Baby Steps to Discovering My Passion

On the first of May, 2018, an idea popped into my head.  One that did not seem to far fetched. I immediately began, on May 2nd, keeping an idea log.  I chose one of my favorite notebooks and dedicated it to brainstorming. I realized I had discovered my passion.  All of this came to the surface because of a giveaway that I was hosting on my personal blog. The gifts to be given were those that encompassed stationery.  I have a love of paper, notebooks, planners, markers, you name it, I LOVE it!

How did I know it was my passion?

This was something I knew I could work with forever without getting bored.

From the moment it fell in my lap, I knew my passion had to do with pretty paper and the mental health community.  Those were the first two immediate decisions.  The two most influential business decisions. This is where I would begin building my brand.

The next decision made was to purchase a domain with the name of the company.  First, I had to decide on a name.  This part was difficult because many creative domain names are taken and I wanted mine to represent who I am.  One day while crafting, the phrase not your average chick made its way onto my project.  After a few days of saying it, checking its availability for purchase, writing it out and its acronyms, I took the plunge and purchased the domain

Branding is the visual aspect of a company.  Choosing the color scheme was easy for me.  I have recently been drawn to turquoise, yellow, grey, and gold.  Since I will be creating products by hand, it became obvious that I create a mood board, using materials I purchased for products.  I made the decision to not brand digitally, for now.  I have, however, created a few logos for the website using Canva.  Canva is a designing app tool that allows you to make designs for websites, social media, and much more.  I highly recommend it.

Baby Steps-NYAC


Last but not least the direction in which I would take my business had to be decided.  This wasn’t as easy as it sounds.  I would begin by crafting multiple products before realizing the exact nature of my newfound company.  This direction would go on to change a few times before settling on ways to rebuild after a life of self-destruction.

My vision offers a promising future.  Attention to detail, persistence, and dedication will produce products of love from me to the consumer.

Handcrafting isn’t a lost form of art. Many entrepreneurs are selling their handcrafted products worldwide via the internet.  Choosing this route will indeed require work but it is work that I am willing to commit too.

*updated September 2018



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