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5 tips to help you stay motivated

Hey chicks!

Beginnings are scary.  Embarking on a new

adventure leaves you feeling vulnerable.  You are not familiar with the process and fear failure as the result.  As with any project, building a business can be discouraging.  These feelings of inadequacy may be the result of

financial strain

limited funding

lack of knowledge

low confidence

limited resources

creative burnout


The pitfalls may be unavoidable but below are 5 steps to stay motivated when you feel discouraged.

  1. Take a break.  Step away from the project entirely, for a day.  Chance are your life revolves around the new project.  To stay motivated it is important to separate yourself from time to time.  Give yourself a break.  Do not discuss the project or work on it for 24 hours.  Spend the days with friends or family and enjoy making new memories
  2. Set hours of operation.  Work on your business or project only during work hours.  You are likely to think about your new operation constantly.  Setting work hours allows you to continue accomplishing daily tasks.  No working “off the clock”.  This helps to prevent burn out and exhaustion.
  3. Monitor food and water intake.  Much of the time when we are busy our diet is affected.  We eat meals high in fat and low in nutrition.  Fast food replaces healthier choices because of its easy access.  Higher levels of caffeine are consumed resulting in a caffeine rush followed by a crash.  Unhealthy food and beverages make us feel sluggish and lazy.  It is important to monitor your intake of these before forming bad habits.
  4. Get plenty of rest.  It is hard to be a functional partner in an operation when you are tired.  Our brains do not function properly on lack of sleep.  We get stuck in a head fog that lowers our responsive time.  Sleep is vital to performance.  The recommended sleep of eight hours may not be possible but a solid six hours will do.
  5. Switch projects.  If you are working on multiple projects switch your focus to a different project or area of business.  Chances are other areas could use a fresh set of eyes on them.  If possible, switch with a co-worker and allow them the opportunity to assist in the area you are exhausted in.


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