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Not Your Average Chick

What step is next?

In the early stages of development, the question   I have asked myself the most is ..

“What do I do next?”

Unfortunately, the answer doesn’t fall from the sky.  Research has given direction through suggestions. There is no right or wrong way to start a creative business.  The most important would have to be having products available for sale. This is the stage I am currently in. Crafting items to stockpile my inventory.  

While it is important to have direction, it is most important to have a visual of your product.  

Not Your Average Chick

Tangible Sample

We are a visual society.  We want to see what it is we are purchasing.  We want to touch and feel the textures. Much business is conducted on the internet which removes the ability to touch.  Our visual senses allow us to see something tangible. Concrete evidence that the product exists. Somewhat of a guarantee.

This flows into the importance of my next step.  

What is branding

By no means am I professional on this subject but I get the gist.  Branding is the visual representation of your company.  Color schemes, patterns, and texts will be combined to design a style that defines your company without words.  When you see the swoop checkmark you know that is Nike. That is branding at its finest. Using a free app I have somewhat created a brand for myself but nothing is set in stone yet.

I am, however, set on my color scheme.  What colors have I chosen? Tealish blue, light grey, orange and white all matched with gold glitter.  Gold glitter hasn’t been an option digitally but it will be reflected in my artwork.  Below is a logo I have created that I am pleased with. The minimalist theme is the route I have taken.  Clean, crisp lines. The rest of my brand is in the works. Stay tuned!

Not Your Average Chick

As I reveal my work I hope for my personality to come across through in my branding.  I am sort of a strictly business type woman… who am I kidding? I am strictly business.  Thank God for my mom who loosens me up!

Despite not having the resources to pay someone to professionally design my brand, I have found a ton of information regarding it.  I have done what I am capable of doing, digitally, with NYAC. There will be additions continuously throughout the next year. I will also remove the stuff that doesn’t fit within my brand.  Right now this site isn’t considered official, at least I do not consider it so until I post my first item for sale.

This is where I am in developing my creative business.

I haven’t progressed much past designing materials to produce products and branding.  I’m not quite sure of my next step but I am content with where I am. Learning and growing.  Challenging my potential and my creativity.

For those who are currently following along, I would like to thank you as well as ask for your patience.  By trade, I am a bartender but by desire, I am branching out into design. I hope that you stick around and watch as it all unfolds.  

Thank You, Sincerely,


A HUGE Thank You to Amy Westphal for her donation.  The first donation here on NYAC.  I am very grateful for this act of support.  Thank you, thank you Amy!


7 thoughts on “Steps I Have Taken

  1. Revenge of Eve says:

    Reblogged this on Revenge of Eve and commented:
    🙂 Check out my new post on my other blog and follow me there too 🙂 Thanks in advance for the support! Muah!!

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  2. If I haven’t said this already, I’m saying this now then. I am so proud of you!!!!!!! 🙂 I can’t wait to see your brand, and what you are up to. 🙂

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  3. amydwestphal says:

    You are so welcome Candace. I have been entrepreneuring my entire adult life. Thru success, failure and complete overhauls, The most important thing is to find people who support your you. I support your passion, artistry and authenticity.
    All the best in your endeavor!

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    1. I appreciate it and now I know where to turn if I have questions. lol

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  4. the NOT YOUR AVERAGE CHICK logo in tealish blue and light grey really glows! it’s eye-catching.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you. Those are the branding colors I choose for my up and coming brand. It is exciting to hear that someone likes them and even more exciting that they are catching to the eye. Thank you for your kind feedback. I welcome it any time.


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