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Not Your Average Chick

Hey chicks!


Today it is rainy and dreary so what better to do than paint?!


These, of course, are not finished.  This is the first stage, of many.  I didn’t have a specific idea I was painting towards, I was just mixing colors.  I haven’t a clue what my plans are for them either but that’ll come to me further down the road.

A little glimpse into my creative design.

Have you created a piece of art lately?  If so, what was it for?  Did it turn out like you expected? 


6 thoughts on “Create

  1. amydwestphal says:

    I made a unicorn cake for my nieces first birthday. It turned out great. It’s fun to make cakes every once in a while although I don’t do them professionally anymore.

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    1. Ooooo… I would love to have seen that! I bet it was beautiful. I love unicorns.

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  2. Usually, I am very crafty all year long, but that “Slump” thing has gotten in the way. I still have to finish a blanket and a mandala that I started over the Winter.

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    1. I would love to see them once you finish them.

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      1. Yeah, so would I… LOL! 🙂 I’ll post one day when they’re finished. 🙂

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      2. No pressure. Winter is the best time to craft

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