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Review Write NotePads & C0.-NYAC

Hey Chicks!

The mail came and brought gifts!

or at least that’s what it felt like receiving my craft haul and one of my premium notebooks,  Write Notepads & Co.  First I will start off by saying I purchased this when they offered a small discount of  10 or 20% off.  The sale included the boroughs edition, from the five boroughs of New York.  I purchased the Bronx version.  For no reason imparticular other than I would like to think if I lived in New York, that’s where I’d live.  The other choices were Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and Queens.

Review Write NotePads & C0.-NYAC

I knew what it would look like due to the pictures on the website but I was pleasantly surprised by its texture.  A smooth, durable, letterpressed cover and back, the color of kraft paper, held securely shut with a red Write Notepads rubberband.  All packaged nicely in a slip on plastic, stick, and peel wrapping.  And then wrapped in thin kraft paper.  I was like a kid opening a piece of candy with a huge grin on my face.

*Let me begin my review by saying this.  This is my first notebook purchased for the simple reason of reviewing.  I have no credentials to consider myself a professional and my review is simply my opinion.  I also have nothing to compare it to as I haven’t received my Clairefontaine.  Both companies are raved about throughout the stationery scene.  I have written in many notebooks and journals but that’s as far as it goes.*

I used two different pens and a Sharpie marker to test the papers absorption rate.  As expected, the Sharpie marker bled through but the other two, a Sharpie and an off-brand,  marker pens did not.  The notebook is ruled with lines.  The lines are grey and are in between a wide and college ruling.  I prefer college over wide-ruled and this line spacing seems to not bother me.  The product details cannot be found on the notebook itself.   I collected my information from the website.

Write notebook review-NYAC

Product details:

  • 5.5″ x 8.5″ spiral bound notebook
  • Durable rubberband closure to keep your loose papers secure
  • 60pt board cover stock made from 100% post-consumer waste materials with letterpress details
  • 120 interior pages of 70# paper stock, selected to perform best with most writing implements
  • Printed line size 1/4″, printed with vegetable-based inks
  • 100% American made in Baltimore, MD

For the rest of the review, I will go down the list above and state my opinion about how well or not the notebook lives up to its advertising.  Durable is the exact word I used to describe the rubber band, without prompting or reading the description.  I wouldn’t use it to hold loose papers in though.  I am anal about loose papers in notebooks.  I don’t put them loosely in a notebook.  I will place them in a folder.  By no means am I an activist but I prefer to use recycled materials.  I do not conserve water or monitor my carbon footprint but I do, when possible, chose recycled material.  In saying that, it makes me happy that they do take environmental impact into consideration.

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Now for the letterpress.  If I am honest, this is my first time experiencing something letterpressed and I love the detailing that letterpress brings to the game.  I have read a lot about it and picked up on its originality but touching the texture of the ingrained letters is an experience in itself.  I love it!!  It would be amazing to own a letterpress.  I would go crazy with one.  Everything would be a target!

I will publish a post soon explaining how the weight of paper works but as you would imagine, the heavier the paper, the better and less absorbent.   I use the term better loosely here because that is what I prefer.  Seeing that I use Sharpie, fine point marker pens, I do not like bleed through.  70# is the weight of this notebook paper.

I know nothing about vegetable-based ink.  I assume it isn’t toxic and better for the environment.  I will check into that and see what the other options are and why this is important enough to mention.  As far as the line spacing goes, I like it (see above).

The fact that it is made in America makes me proud.  I am proud to be an American and to support locally, although it is thousands of miles away.   There is a certain sense of pride when something is made in your nation, for me anyway. But that’s not all.

Write notebook review-NYAC

Included in the packaging was a two-sided postcard, one side pictured the city and the other side used for advertisement.  I really enjoyed the personal touch it added to receiving the notebook, yet that isn’t my favorite part.  My favorite part is the sticker on the front of the plastic wrapper that says,  “Look inside to see the city school you helped”.  On the inside front of the cover, there is a number that you enter on their website and it takes you to a school that was helped with your purchase!!!  How amazing is that?  I had no idea my purchase would contribute to a school.  I am the biggest advocate of education and this bonus blew me away.

Write notebook review-NYAC

If I were to rate this notebook, overall, they would receive a 10 out of 10.  The contribution to the school was the cherry on the ice cream.  I appreciate using the recycled materials, the letterpress is beautiful and while this notebook lends itself to a masculine look, I still give it a 10.  The effort on their behalf sends this company to the top, in my humble opinion.

Have you ever purchased a notebook from this company?  Would you based on my review?

*updated September 2018


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