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NYAC-An Update

Hey chicks!

I received my Clairefontaine notebook but I haven’t put it to the test.  I have stayed busy creating products.  I have recently had an onslaught of creative ideas.  I have taken advantage of this by creating three drawings, I am going to call them creative creatures.  I trusted my abstract mind and paired it with my limited artistic ability and created three pieces that aren’t so bad.  Hopefully, someone will like them and maybe they won’t but regardless it was relaxing.

I have decided that while my main focus is to incorporate mental health and art, that doesn’t mean that is strictly my only focus.  Once I have established a clientele,  I will center my focus more on my signature cards.  As for now,  I am creating anything.  I tried and succeeded in dying watercolor paper using coffee and another using tea.  This makes an antique look which I will be going for with some of my designs.


Ideas are coming to me left and right and I am trying my best to start and finish projects so that I do not have many half-completed projects laying around.  It is difficult to trust yourself when your imagination is vivid and something you’ve never given a chance.  Writing comes naturally to me but this creative side of me is something I want to explore and monetize.  Slowly but surely I am learning to trust myself and my ability to step outside of the norm.  That is art, right?

I will use and review the Clairefontaine notebook over the weekend.  I love its feminine appearance.  While I do not want to harass you, I will continue begging to ask for donations.  I can make $5 dollars go a long way.  Think about it.  Donate, please.

Not Your Average Chick

Donate $5

This donation will be used for art supplies.




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