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NYAC-My work space

Hey chicks!

I am lucky to have such a large workspace.  It isn’t a small desk, it’s a table!  I am new to the crafting scene so my collection of supplies is just getting started.  Special shout-out to my donors.  This is where your money goes when you donate.  🙂 


I had a good bit of markers to start out with and my Ma has chipped in on supplies, I have a great start!  I am thankful for such a beginning.

I am having a productive, creative day.  It feels good to accomplish a little each day but today I did some creating!!  It makes my soul feel good and free.  You should try it!  Relax and paint using watercolors.  I just bought a childs set of watercolors for $10 from Target.


Part of yesterday’s haul

What does your creative space look like?  Where you draw, write or craft.  Snap a pic, create a pingback to this post, and show your zen zone!  The messier, the better 🙂


4 thoughts on “My Work Space

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Most of my creating happens on my laptop, so I’m portable 🙂

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