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When I think of my life living with a diagnosis of bipolar, I realize how fortunate I am.  I maintain two jobs and I am learning the in’s and out’s of crafting.  There was a point in my life when I was really ill, mentally.  I was institutionalized three times in one year for rapid cycling.  At this point, I had not yet received my diagnosis of bipolar.  My life was bleak.  I had no creative outlets and sat drowning in my sorrows.  Until one day I began writing again which ultimately lead to me starting a personal blog.

abstract-background-balls-NYAC-mental health and art

Having a creative outlet has helped me immensely.  Writing has always been my go-to outlet.  Recently I decided I wanted to venture down other creative avenues.  Having the ability to express myself relieves me of the stigma in regards to having a life-long illness.  Dwelling on the fact that I have a mood disorder gets me nowhere.  When I create it is like taking the restraints off and I am free to be me.  In a society who separates the mentally ill, it is refreshing to feel limitless.

There are many therapeutic benefits to having a creative outlet.  A few of those are:

  • it relaxes your mind
  • you get results
  • you can express yourself
  • you feel comfortable in your own skin
  • you can be messy
  • art is an individual act
  • there is no competition (of course if you make it that way, there can be)
  • you can get in touch with yourself
  • Improves concentration

As a form of expression, you can record your moods by the tone of your creation.  If writing is your art, you can look back on past writings and see growth.  Life becomes more abstract when you allow yourself to create.  There are no rules or guidelines.  Just you and your art form.

Mental health-creativity-NYAC

Although I listed the above benefits I still struggle on a personal level by not trusting my creations.  Perfectionism often hinders me from fully unleashing my inner artist.  I am too hard on my results.  I never fully let go and let my heart do the work and I can see this in my work.  My words are my saving grace and often my weapon.  Writing is my strength.  Currently, I am bored with my life and figured I would pick up a new creative outlet.  One that I would like to monetize.  But …. how do I take a step back and free myself of the chains that bind me?


How do you let go and let your heart do the art?  Did it take lots of practice?



10 thoughts on “Mental Health and Creativity

  1. Candice says:

    I’ve always found crafting, knitting, and reading to be relaxing when my worried mind is stressing out. To concentrate on something else takes my focus away from my problems, which can be overwhelming when I’m in a depressed state.

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    1. For myself it is the idea of perfection that I need to squash! I am working on it.

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  2. I absolutely love to crochet in the winter months, plus love adult coloring books. I listen to my favorite music and go into the zone that makes me feel less stressed out. But, my overall thing is writing. Since the beginning of the month and being sick, that kind of fell apart… Now, I’m feeling better mentally speaking. However, my body is still a bit weak. I have a mandala that I’ve been working on and off for little over two-three months. I’m like you, I’m a perfectionist. 🙂

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    1. I like coloring but it isn’t may favorite. It is hard for me to focus that long. I prefer coloring in children books verses adult coloring books.

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  3. amydwestphal says:

    I think everyone does. Get rid of the self doubt and be confident in your craft. You can do it!

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    1. I have gotten much better. Kind of found my footing.

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      1. amydwestphal says:

        That’s great! Keep at it!


  4. When my health was causing me to feel rather depressed, and school was pretty stressful, I realized I needed creative outlets. I bought myself a color book and color pencils, started planning and decorating in it, too. I actually printed out stickers and cut them myself. Especially when I’m stressed and thinking too much, I find that cutting the stickers helps me take a break and think freely.

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    1. This sounds like a great idea. Relaxing while being productive works for me.

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      1. Exactly! I also don’t feel too guilty about it 😝

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