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Candace’s Randomness

Hey Chicks!

I am often a random person.  I start projects out of the blue, I like random things and I randomly share my randomness.  Lol … So random!

With that said here are some random facts about me.

  • I LOVE mustard
  • I am right handed
  • I have grey eyes
  • My favorite color is red
  • I am 5’10
  • I LOVE toddlers
  • I am extremely self-aware
  • My hobbies include writing, blogging and now crafting
  • I am a natural brunette
  • Turkey sandwiches are my favorite
  • I do not like smoothies
  • I am a texture person.  I like the feel of textures and dislike texture in my food
  • I am quirky
  • I do not like crowds of people
  • I love thunderstorms
  • I often blog on-the-go
  • I am a smoker
  • I take medication
  • My favorite musician right now is Halsey, favorite song by her, Gasoline
  • I am a stationery addict
  • I am a control freak but working on it

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am as a person.  I love big and have a temper but each day I work on myself to be a better version than I was the day before.  Self-improvement has been a focus for mine for almost 4 years now and it is an evolving goal.  I am open to change and accept myself for who I am.

Share some randomness about yourself in the comments.


13 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Some random facts about me:
    I’m 5’8″
    I kill plants. Regularly.
    I painted my walls myself. I’m a useless painter.
    I didn’t start drinking coffee until I was in my 30’s.

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    1. Me too!!! The coffee. How crazy, huh. I’ve never been able to keep plants alive either.

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  2. Some random facts about me:
    5’8 and shrinking
    I, myself love thunderstorms too.
    I’m an introvert
    I vape now instead of smoking.
    I collect angels & dragonflies.
    I also will be playing your song on this week “Fri-Yay Frolic Time”

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    1. Yay!! I tried vaping and it was ok but it didn’t stick. I wish it would though. Less smell.

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      1. less cost, no smell, and breath better. The best thing I di for myself.

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  3. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. amydwestphal says:

    Fun! I’m 5’9, also kill plants, am a control freak and an infj. I wear vests and pocket watches most days.

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      1. amydwestphal says:

        Nice! Only 2 percent are. We’re a rare breed. Haha

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      2. Then yes, that is what I am. I remember it being rare.

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  5. Brenda Renwick says:

    I am like you in some ways, especially crowds, turkey, and medication. I expect honesty both from myself and others. I am a “friendly introvert.” I love animals sometimes more than most people, and I need the freedom of expression that writing gives.

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    1. Ooooh … We are similar. Lol. I love toddlers. They have a bad rep 😂😂 Writing is definitely my release and now I am trying my hand at being creative. I have all the ideas just not yet the skill to implement but I am practicing.


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