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Having started in a new planner I am doing trial and error weekly spreads to see what will work best for me.  Many of you may know that I am medicated for bipolar so keeping a record of my mood on a daily basis plays an important role in my stability. 

I have created a key of sorts and will use it throughout the month of August.  I prepared each day with a mood bubble and a split square to write my work schedule in on one half and the other half will be used to document the money I earned each shift.  This is also important because I earn a living off of cash tips.  Keeping a record of my earnings holds me responsible for paying bills and monitors my spending.  At the end of each week, I will total my earnings and write down what amount goes towards bills, what I have in my checking and savings accounts and what the remainder is.  I have found this system to work so well that it has been transferred from my last planner.


Next, I write all bill payments in red ink so that they stand out as important.  I’ve never color coded but I think this will help to remind me ahead of time when a bill is due.  I also signified bills with the dollar sign drawn in the due date box.

I will be honest and say I almost didn’t post this entry because I am not satisfied with the looks of my weekly spread.  I got a little too anxious and filled in the month before thoroughly thinking through how I wanted it to look.  So …. There is white out everywhere and I will attempt a better, prettier layout for next month.  This will work for now.

You can see in the left column that I have my “mood bubble” with a square under it.  For this month that is all, I am tracking.  I keep a log, on the grid sheet at the end of each month, for charting my weekly income.

This is a basic set up for me.  Being that I document daily, I leave enough space open to jot down anything that happened on that day.  While decorating I was hesitant to use too much space.  Next month I am debating on doing more habit tracking.  My planner is duly used for events and tasks, scheduling and income, making the open space limited.

What habits do you track?  Do you track them so that you may improve?  What does your weekly layout look like?  Let’s chat in the comments!


7 thoughts on “August Planner Set-Up

  1. Marieke says:

    I mostly track the same habits every month, but sometimes change them up. I like to track them so that I can see what I actually did that month and if I can improve or not

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    1. I enjoy seeing your set up. You are extremely creative and talented.

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      1. Marieke says:

        That’s so very sweet of you.
        Everyone is talented in their own way! ❤️

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  2. Candice says:

    Sounds pretty organized. I like lists and places to check off tasks. It makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something!

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  3. Well, thanks to one of the notebooks I won in the P4J contest, that has been converted into a budget book. Because of my one monthly allotment from SSDI, I have to be very careful and stick to my budget. Especially now that I’m paying out the buttocks in insurance and such.
    I also, print out a monthly schedule that I keep in full view each month. This is my reminder that I am piss poor and cannot afford a life.
    I like your idea because of its creativity. You have such beautiful penmanship too!

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    1. I am glad you are making use of the notebooks. I knew you would. Thank you for such a nice comment about my penmanship. This one didn’t turn out as neat as I would’ve liked.

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