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Back to School

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This is not your typical back to school post.  It’s more of a reality check.

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When August rolls around the majority of parents are rejoicing.  After a summer filled with pool parties and endless nights, you can bet parents are ready for the structure and routine that the school schedule provides.  Bored, not a care in the world, children are reluctant but ready to see their classmates to catch them up on their summer activities. But not every kid has had an active summer itinerary.

For some children, school is a guaranteed meal and a safe space. I can’t help but to think of the less fortunate children who didn’t get to see the ocean and taste the salt, feel the sand between their toes or take a dolphin tour.  Those who live in single-parent homes where the parent can’t afford the time off work, much less a trip out of state.

The expenses associated with back to school can cause added stress for the delighted parent.  Tech fees and supply totals climb quickly, add lunch money to the equation and there brews turmoil for the low-income families.  This is only mentioning that you do this for one. If you have multiples, multiply this substantial, financial burden times the number of children you have and bam, you got yourself a bill.

Back to School-PSA-NYAC

There is a range of economic statuses in our society affecting children’s view of the world. I am fortunate to live among the creative who live day-to-day, low-income, make-it-happen type of parent.  But I have help. I do not go at this life alone. It has truly taken a village to raise my daughter (and myself 😉). Everyone who has been there having imprinted on her life a positive example of what it means to be a decent, kind human being.

The moral of the story is that while your family is on a yacht, your child’s classmate may struggle at home in an unstable environment.  Teaching our kids to want the better things in life can and maybe a goal. An attainable one. But do not allow them to believe their self-worth is based on materials or judge others based on material assets.   Building character of a respectful human begins in the early stages of a child’s life. Events such as back to school are opportunities to teach our little ones that not everyone can travel for summer vacation.

Back to School-PSA-NYAC

Lead by example and purchase extra school supplies and donate to the school for those who cannot afford the basic necessities.  These are tools they use to build their education. Empower a child this back to school season. Any time you are capable of donating, schools always accept donations. My sister-in-law is a kindergarten teacher and she spends more on her class than she does her home (she may or may not have a shopping problem; lol love you sil).

This is a suggestive post.  By all means, if you can’t donate, don’t … but teach your children to be considerate.  It cost nothing. Show by example.


2 thoughts on “Back to School PSA

  1. I use to be made fun of as a kid for being poor. For my house, for the brand of clothes I wore.

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    1. I know that children are bullied for that and it is out of their control. I can’t imagine how that made you feel. I am sorry you went through that Casey. Hopefully parents will read this and realize the impact it has on a child’s life.

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