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Have you ever wondered how crafting is easy for some?  Well, I’m here to tell you that it is ok to enlist some assistance.  Like … machine assistance.

Tired of cutting out all of your decorations?  Cut no more with these steals of deals!!!

Cricut is offering up to 50% off on select cutting materials. This is an awesome deal!!  You will find once you are there, there are many other deals available.  On merchandise such as the Cricut Explore, EasyPress, Brightpad and blades and tools.  This offer doesn’t last long!


And no need to worry about shipping because they are offering free shipping on orders of $99+ in U.S. and Canada

using my promo code AUGSHIP

You can guarantee I ordered some blades for my Ma’s Cricut.  She has had one for a few years and it was used for a couple of projects before she stored it away.  Now that I am doing my crafting thing it has been pulled off the shelf but hasn’t been able to be used because of dull blades.  I placed my order before typing this post.  I figured since I was taking advantage of this great deal, I’d let you in on my promo code (they said it was ok) 🙂

If you decide to make a purchase, be sure to use my affiliate links!!  Thanks guys!!  Ya’ll are the BEST!!  muah


3 thoughts on “Steals of Deals

  1. amydwestphal says:

    Waiting for school supply list for my 3rd grader and kinder girls. Then I’ll check it out. Cris cuts are so fun. We had one for fondant.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh really? It was that brand and you used it for fondant? Makes sense though. Clever if so

      Liked by 1 person

      1. amydwestphal says:

        Yep. The same. You have to keep your paper separate of course. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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