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Affiliate Marketing for the Newbie

When you take on a new challenge, your immediate response is often intimidation.  Whether it be playing a sport, beginning a new career or creating a side hustle to add income to your existing income, nerves can be overwhelming.  As many of you know NYAC has begun the journey of affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing?

In simple terms, it is where merchants can enlist affiliates to advertise their product(s) on the affiliates website/blog.  This is seen as a win-win agreement for both parties due to a monetization strategy. The affiliate associate earns a percentage of the product purchase when the customer is referred to the product via their website/blog, at no extra charge to the consumer.  Are you still with me?

*this post contains affiliate links*

Affiliate Marketing for Newbies-NYAC

As I am new to this endeavor, this information is fresh and the steps are easy to follow.  There are an overwhelming amount of resources that can lead you to success but this post is centered around taking the leap of faith to monetize your blog.  As a newbie, I recommend applying to as many affiliate opportunities that you find to suit your websites niche.  The range of products is extensive. You can advertise photo notebooks, markers, machinery, craft supplies, free instruction videos, web hosting and the list goes on.  It is recommended to advertise what is within your niche but nowhere does it say you have too.

Where do I start?

The first step is to have your own personal plan for running a blog or website.  You cannot monetize a free site. I highly recommend using WP Engine as your hosting provider, if you are self-hosting. I currently do not as I have the personal plan but I will invest in the self-hosted route once my plan expires and I will choose WP Engine. If your website is aimed towards establishing a business they are the go-to provider with the largest team of WordPress experts.  With WordPress being the most popular content management system on the market, my choice is obvious.

Next search stores that are within your blog’s niche on the internet.  Scroll to the bottom of their website. At the bottom, you will find the about information, press, and also an affiliate link, if they invest in affiliates.  From there you will either apply directly or through a management site.  I have applied with two management sites, ShareASale and CJ Affiliates.  Between the two I have options to apply to many different merchant affiliate programs.  This is the route I recommend as you can do everything within the companies site. They provide you with links and once you peruse the site, you will find information regarding the company you may advertise.  I will be taking an interface course to learn how to better operate as an affiliate marketer. They provide the webinar all you have to do is choose a date. I have found they want you to succeed which gives me that extra bit of confidence.

Last of the newbie steps

You will be emailed with your status of approved or declined.  Do not take it personally if your favorite merchant did not accept your application.  Many of them require specifics to be met and as a new website owner, you may not qualify.  Don’t let that stop or discourage you because there are plenty out there willing to give you a chance. Once you have built up an audience, re-apply with the company you prefer.  Which leads me to my next move. Upon receiving an approved status, email the affiliate manager letting them know that you are honored to be advertising for them, that you are new to the game and hopeful for a future with them.  Show your gratitude. They receive tons of applications daily and for them to choose you, should be an honor. Keeping an open line of communication between you and the affiliates manager is key. You can build a relationship with them by asking questions that help you promote their products.

What next?

This is where I am currently.  If you are interested in the organization tactics I used, contact me via my contact page and we can discuss it.  Get all of your things in order and begin researching and writing a post. Your post is supposed to flow as though they are natural, and they should be.  You do not want to advertise a product you wouldn’t use. That is deceiving your consumer. Always keep in mind that the reason any purchases are made through your site is simply that your followers trust you and your opinion.  Stay trustworthy and do not lose your original focus of producing great content for your readers.


This is the first post in a series called AAA, Affiliate Advertising Advice.  Hopefully, these documented steps will help you on your way to monetizing your blog.  Keep in mind I myself am a novice in the scene but thought it would be a great idea to share my experiences as I take this journey.  Please feel free to reblog any post you find helpful. As always I hope to hear from you in the comments.

Do you have any advice for me about monetizing your site?  What steps have you taken to monetize your site? Let’s chat!



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