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Calico Studios review-nyac

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Although I am an affiliate marketer, this does not mean I get free merchandise.  Some merchants offer a small discount and some do not offer anything.  I decided it would behoove me to scroll the internet of the companies I am advertising via ads on my site.  The first merchant I will be writing a post about is Studio Calico.  I chose them at random and for no particular reason.

Studio C review-NYAC

 If you are interested in checking them out based on my review, please click through my link.  



My Shopping Experience

I was immediately impressed by the layout of their website.  Clean and clear-cut access buttons to peruse the site. In my notes, I stated that the shop is “a stationery addicts dream shop”.  That is high praise coming from someone like myself. Studio Calico offers themed subscription kits, classes, and supplies.  They offer a ton of shopping options for the crafter.  This website is a one-stop shop, with gift cards, ideal for the creative person in your life.  I really enjoy that there is an inspiration tab displaying the creations of others.  This is a thoughtful way to show the community’s works of art and a clever way to inspire others.


“We empower people to make through inspiration, community, and innovative product.”


The website is a reflection of their motto.  In March, of 2007, April and Scarlett established Calico Studios and in June they officially opened for business.  They claim to be known for quality and to stock exclusive products. As the test dummy, I am, it’s an honor, I placed an order.  As you may know, I am quite the frugal shopper. Shopping this way allows me to purchase more products and expand my knowledge. Unfortunately, this go round I couldn’t pass up a sale they were having on a particular brand, Color Theory, Studio Calico’s exclusive line of premium colors.  Mind you the sale tab has a TON of items listed but with a limited budget, I stuck to my poorly amount. I got 6 small tubes of acrylic paints for only ONE dollar each and one spray ink.  I couldn’t believe the price. 

Calico Studios review-nyac





“Color Theory – Studio Calico’s Exclusive line of premium colors, now includes acrylic paint!

Each hue is vibrant and modern, tailored specifically to complement your projects. These water-based, non-toxic paints are the perfect addition to your studio and may be used on any paper crafting project! With an array of beautiful colors from Well Red to Clean Slate, the Color Theory inks will bring your vision to life in true color.”


Calico Studios review-NYAC

Product Testing

The ink initially sprayed out in a stream and heavily concentrated.  I chose the limelight green and it seems darker than true to color.  I tested it on a project I am working on. The paper is white with gold glitter dispersed about the page.  I then used it in my mix media book, getting the same results. When I think of limelight, I think a toned down lime.  The color appears closer to the color of grass.


Next, I moved onto the tubes of acrylic paint.  The tube is .7 fluid ounces. I didn’t expect much for a dollar.  The colors I purchased are 24 karat, lemon zest, blush crush, glass slipper, and going green.  The range of colors falls in the pastels. I tested each of them on the same sheet I used for the spray ink.  The consistency of the paint is liquefied which I believe most acrylic paints are. On the tube, it says heavy body, lightfast.  I am not sure what this means because I am a novice, especially at paint terminology. It is a full coverage paint. Each color fit the color label of the tube, leaving me impressed with the 24 karat.  I will say when I think of a glass slipper I think translucent and this color was not. It is baby blue. Maybe I expected it to have extra shine or something because of its name. It is a pretty color nonetheless.  I enjoyed the tubes branding which included the logo and the web address of the company.

Ordering and Shipping

Calico Studios review-nyac


It took three short days for my order to arrive.  The contents were in a small, thick, brown mailing box inside clear plastic bags.  There was no frill to the packaging. Basic is what comes to mind. Basic gets the job done.  Overall my experience with Calico Studios was pleasant. No fuss, no hassle. They offer a 10% discount for new customers who sign up for their emails.  Honestly, I am unsure if I received the discount, I didn’t realize that was an offer until the next time I went to the site. Another offer they have is your first class is free, with the option of two to choose from.  I was not given an affiliates discount or compensated for this review. This was my homework to ensure I recommend quality products to my readers.


My Opinion

All in all, I was impressed by the website’s ease.  I found everything I was looking for. They had a large sale selection of mixed products.  As far as exclusive products, I am unsure what they are referencing to. I liked that the expired kits were still available and listed in the sale section.  The classes are beneficial to creatives and I intend on enrolling in one soon. The whole experience was hassle free and simple. I like simple. As far as products, they offer a range to choose from along with the company’s brand.  I would classify the acrylic paint as mediocre, not exclusive. I do recommend you have a look around their site, through my link, of course, and make a purchase for yourself. Let me know what you think.

Stay tuned for future reviews.  Have you ever ordered from Studio Calico?  If so, let’s chat in the comments! ❤


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