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September Motto & Planner Talk-NYAC

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The Best is Yet to Come!

(September’s motto)

This month I decided I would switch things up a bit and combine the monthly motto with my planner set up for the month.  First I would like to share a little back history with you. Something I’ve never shared. 

Although I made some poor decisions throughout my teenage years, I was an extremely organized and responsible young adult.  My stationery obsession was perhaps at its height but nonetheless, I had my shit together.  I taught many friends how to stay organized by showing them my simple system.  This worked well for me for years until I became a slave to my planner.  After giving birth to my daughter I became irresponsible with my money, my bills and I grew an insane to-do list.  One that would never go on to be completed.  I would add to my list without ever marking anything off.  One day reality hit me and it became apparent that I was no longer the organized machine I once was and because of this, I became severely depressed.  I felt like a complete failure especially now that I was a mom.  I vowed to never keep an on-going to-do list again.

September Motto & Planner Talk-NYAC

It has only been within the last three years that I’ve decided to pick back up on organization, to-do lists and setting goals and up until now I have done so from a standoffish place.  All out of the fear of failure.  This fear has crippled me over the last 16 years stopping me from trying new things, living life to the fullest and has even caused me to not trust myself and my abilities.  Well, with this very post I am stepping out of my comfort zone by challenging myself this month with setting goals that actually require effort.

I decided it is time for me to reevaluate my goal setting strategy.  Until today, I would set goals that I know are attainable but also require little to no work.  Setting goals are to improve your productivity or to help you to accomplish something.  My approach to setting goals has been weak.  I must admit this in order to change it.  Starting with September I will set a few goals by writing them down and posting them here.  This helps for two reasons.  Writing your goals down on paper gives you a 40% more success rate and posting them holds me accountable.


Let’s take a look at my goals for September.

  1. Stick to my schedule on the grid.  This is referring to the productivity schedule I set for myself.  More about that in a minute.
  2. Limit hours on crafting and blogging til 9 pm.
  3. Create and complete 4 journals and 3 flipbooks.  This is a large one for me to accomplish but I aim to do so.  If I fall short I will carry on into the next month without feeling like I have failed.
  4. No spend month on supplies or junk.  This is a huge one for me because I LOVE to shop but I have accumulated plenty of items that I can use to make a few products and I would like to add to my savings for Christmas time.  Our local craft store was having a huge two-day event for Labor Day with savings up to 50% off one regular priced item and a ton of other discounts.  In true Candace form, I hit up the sale and scored big.  I will post a haul on my bargains but for the record, it was all purchased on August 31st. 🙂
  5. Focus on one thing at a time.  Slow down
  6. Unplug on Sundays.  No social media.  Look for inspiration.  I did this last Sunday and it went well.
  7. Be present.

I am pinning them to my wall right next to my desk.  While all of these do not require action they do require I focus and balance, prioritize my time.

September Motto & Planner Talk-NYAC

In addition to this, I used the grid pages at the end of the month, in my Fringe planner, to create a productivity list.  I wrote out the days of the week with the date beside them and across the top, I used letters to represent W(ork), P(ost), and C(raft).   My work schedule is the same from week to week so I filled in the days that I am scheduled.  After that, I was honest with myself about how much I could accomplish doing any of the others.  I designated Monday and Thursday as days of posting because I am off those two days, I may post more depending on my time.  I also set a schedule for stopping work.  I chose 9 pm instead of 10 to give myself an hour of scrolling the internet.  This one will be difficult because I do not have a cut off time and “work” until the wee hours.  This isn’t healthy for my mental state.

September Motto & Planner Talk-NYAC


In making the effort to stick to these specific goals it should help improve my mental well-being.  Many times in August I became overwhelmed by not having set guidelines.  I will overextend myself and before I know it, I crash and nothing gets accomplished.  I welcome any change this new approach brings.  I am ready to up the ante on life and design the life I was meant for.  I definitely wasn’t meant to live an average life.

What goals will you be setting for September? Have you ever fell victim to your to-do list?  Let’s chat in the comments!!

With this being Labor Day weekend the sales are everywhere!!  How about shopping using my link?  I linked a Fringe journal in my post in case you enjoyed my review a month ago.

Have a safe and happy Labor Day!




2 thoughts on “September Motto & Planner Talk

  1. I like #4! That’s my main goal for September. I can’t spend a dime on anything. I’m saving up to see my Mom. She is my #1 Goal! 🙂


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