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Grandparents Day

As grandparents day quickly approaches, Sunday the 9th, I am left reflecting on my Ma as a grandmother.  Fast forward to the days I will be a grandma and I am excited to sugar them babies up an send ‘em home!! But of course before doing that we will paint and create a mess!!!  Isn’t that what grandparents do best?

Grandparents Day Gift Guide-NYAC

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Arts and crafts are best when done with grandparents.  They allow you to color outside of the lines, paint until we pass out and cut to create shapes never seen before.  Grandparents make the world a happy place. Instead of forgetting or regretting grandparents day this year, I have created a gift guide any grandparent will approve of.  

Is the grandmother on your list a crafter?  If so there are some limited offers that will suit their artsy needs!

The lightweight, low-profile BrightPad makes crafting easier while reducing eye strain.

  • The week of September 5 – September 11, 2018 Cricut is having an amazing sale. Save over $100 with the Cricut Maker bundle.  
  • The Cricut BrightPad is only $59.99, this week only!
  • Cricut is also offering free shipping U.S. and Canada, on orders of $99 or more.  All of these deals from Cricut are available September 5- September 11, 2018,  Don’t let them pass you up!

September is National Sewing month so if there is a grandparent who enjoys making clothing for your little rascal or if they make curtains for your home, show them some appreciation and purchase them some sewing materials at 30% off!  

  • Take advantage of some of the other offers for the special grandparents in your life like saving 35% on sewing project kits
  • Save up to 50% on quilting fabric
  • Up to 50% on yarn
  • 7 day FREE trial on Blueprint. Craftsy has partnered with Michaels to bring you Blueprint.  Courses that are offered at one low monthly cost that would be ideal for the sewing, knitting, quilter in your life.  Purchase three months to show them you care for their craft.

Now is the time to save with Craftsy!!
For all of your other crafting supply needs I recommend Create for Less - Create More, Spend Less

Why?  You can read my review here.

But Candace, what if the grandparents aren’t crafters??  Ok so maybe not every grandparent sits around and knits.  How about the technical grandparent?  The one who loves to read helpful blogs or the one who donates to help writers fund their up and coming novel.  Maybe they themselves aspire to be an author.  Help make their dreams come true and purchase them a hosting site with WordPress Engine.

  • offering a time-sensitive discount, using my link and a coupon code, start them off right with the start-up plan.
  • You can have them a plan that has 24/7 assistance

Just recently they partnered with Genesis Framework and StudioPress Themes!  This allows you access to 35 premium StudioPress WordPress themes!  Get 20% off with my coupon code wpe20off


ppsssttt.  I am taking advantage of the above deal this weekend.  Last night at work I was asked about website design.  I commented that I am new to it all but have read up plenty and feel confident to offer my services for free to them to help get their new website up and rolling.  I have been waiting for an opportunity to start building a media portfolio and this came at the best time.  I was offered pay but I denied it and volunteered.  More details about that coming soon!!  But I am saving the business owner 20% and getting him the first two months free using my link.  $280 versus $350 for the first year.  Sounds like a deal to me!


Now, what if the grandparent you are buying for has everything?  Well, you can shop everything at Amazon where I created a grandparents day shopping list!!  The work has been done for you.  No hassle or searching, just scroll and click!  Doesn’t get much easier than that.!


My advice is shop now!!  Grandparents are often overlooked in the scheme of things and when it boils down to it, they are the reason for everything.   If your children do not have grandparents to celebrate make it a day of art and crafts!  All kids want is a little time with their parents and what better way to be present than to be creating and making memories.  Make this grandparents day the first in a tradition!

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There are exciting changes on the horizon for Not Your Average Chick!  I hope you all stay tuned!!  It involves a new approach to our direction.  Interested?  Stick around!!

What gifts do you buy for grandparents day?

Do you make them something instead?  If so, please share in the comments.

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