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Writing this post will be difficult indeed but  silence doesn’t bring awareness. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day and September is Suicide Prevention month.  As many of you may know I am a member of the mental health community. I am diagnosed bipolar 1, mild OCD with anxiety.  It is my duty to touch on topics that may be hard to discuss and even more difficult to understand.

Twelve years ago my younger cousin tragically took his own life.  After years of turmoil and grieving the loss of his mother, he decided he could no longer take it.  Videoing himself, moments before, he would say goodbye. It is rumored that he had used cocaine the day of and his girlfriend had broken it off with him.  While these things may seem trivial it is usually something small that triggers the courage it takes to commit suicide. (I use the term courage loosely)

Even closer to home, I myself have attempted suicide.  It is impossible to describe the feelings one is having while in this state of mind but what I do know is that I was extremely ill and unmedicated. Prior to my accepting medication for bipolar, a year ago this month, I still battled with suicidal ideation.  This is common for people with mental illness. It wasn’t until I began taking the medication that I realized the effects of suicide.

The suffering one endures mentally has a heavy impact on their decision to commit suicide.  This is why it is pertinent to bring about awareness in regards to mental health. In recovery, I still find it hard to find the words that describe what it is I am experiencing, mentally.  The repetitive, negative thoughts can compile before I know it causing me to be caught off-guard.

When dealing with mental illness it is important to remain aware of your symptoms and triggers.  Not doing so may land you in a terrible, dark place. For those of you who deal with suicidal thoughts, I encourage you to seek help. Give someone the opportunity to show they care, whether it be a professional or family member. You matter and belong. I know first-hand how difficult the struggle is but there is hope.  Recovery is possible and I am a living example.

Suicide Statistics — AFSP

The statistics are alarming.  This is a subject that many shy away from discussing however it should not be shoved under the rug.  We must continue to educate ourselves.

I am available for contact 24/7.  If I do not respond immediately I will within a short frame of time.  Please reach out!!


One thought on “In Lieu of Today: World Suicide Prevention Day

  1. It’s so true… Even though most of us on medication for depression, bipolar, and other mental illnesses feel the same way. We will always have that thought of suicide in the backs of our minds because we all came so very close to doing it. Thank goodness we all made it through. Thank goodness we have such a strong blogging community to keep us on the straight and narrow.
    Thank you for sharing your story. I am very sorry for the loss of your cousin.

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