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On this day The United States of America was brought to her knees.  This day of devastation will be forever ingrained in our history. Terrorist invaded our land with machines of mass destruction.  They crossed into our territory taking lives with their own, harming the innocent in their plot to destroy our beloved land. For a fraction of time, we stood still in shock.  As I stood before my television embracing my four-month-old pregnant belly, I began questioning if I had made the right decision.


Choosing to bring a delicate child into a world at war was not high on my list of priorities.  In fact, I began to sob at the thought of her having to live in a world full of chaos and hate. Chills took over my smooth skin as tears flowed down my face.  Within moments the panic set in. Living close to an Air Force base, the 5th largest to be exact, I left my apartment and headed in for work early. As I was driving and crying I notice a huge plane flying close to the ground.  Upon focus I couldn’t believe my eyes, it was Air Force One, the president’s plane.


I remember this day as if it were yesterday.  The terrorist who decided it was their duty to impose what they saw as justice on an unprepared nation.  What cowards! (Many other descriptive words come to mind but mostly, coward). There remains a sense of pride in relation to this tragic event.  We as a nation rose together to put the pieces in place. Donations were made, compassion was shown and people of all races became United. A beautiful ending to an awful act of insanity.


Lives were changed forever on this day 17 years ago.  History books now teach our children about this day of emergency.  Children raised without a parent are able to see the parent in the light of a hero.  Losing their lives to an inexcusable act of hate, these men and women will go on in our hearts.  Cherished are the memories, tainted is our history.


The rebuilding of our targeted infrastructures took mere months to complete.  Our country received an outpour of support and prayer from other countries across the globe.  The casualty count for 9-11 is 2,996, including the 19 terrorist hijackers. The mastermind behind the attacks, Osama Bin Laden, was killed May 2, 2011. (Source


The child I was concerned about is now a thriving 16-year-old, thanks to the efforts of our military securing our boundaries.  This day will forever be etched in Americans minds.


“Terrorist attacks can shake the foundations of our biggest buildings, but they cannot touch the foundation of America. These acts shatter steel, but they cannot dent the steel of American resolve”. George Bush


5 thoughts on “A Country United

  1. Poignant piece. I know my sister was pregnant at the same time and was scared of bringing up her daughter during a time of war and uncertainty. But, we are stronger and don’t take that shit anymore.
    It is very hard to not think of 9/11. 17 years ago, and still so fresh in our minds.

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  2. amydwestphal says:

    Very well written and touching account of a terrible time in America and the world. I was a floundering college student the day before my 20th birthday. Making plans to travel to Egypt with my art history class. Something I never did. I remember it as a time of deep reflection and solace, forever changing what I knew, learned and believed about the world.

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    1. I was so saddened by it all as well as disgusted. Happy birthday tomorrow. Perhaps you will make it to Egypt.


  3. manyofus1980 says:

    Such a tragic event for sure! So sad for all involved, and for America in general. xo

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