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Do you have $5 you can spare?

NYAC is in need of a long reach stapler that costs $50.

Every penny that has been donated in the past has gone toward supplies moving this operation along with ease.  I’ve now come to a standstill and reach out to you.  $5 will help tremendously and is plenty from each of my followers.  The process is simple.  Click on the donate button below and complete the payment form and bam!  You are done and have contributed towards the success of NYAC!!


Not Your Average Chick

Donate $5

This donation will be used for art supplies.



Feel free to donate twice if you’d like and I understand if you cannot at all.  Anything helps.  Thank you for continuing to follow along on my journey.  I hope I am able to give you all material that is worth reading.  Have a wonderful day and if you’d like, we can chat!!


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