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Anxiety can take on many forms and ruin the perfect day.  The mystery of the unknown is enough to trigger an anxiety attack paralyzing you where you stand. Having lived with anxiety the majority of my life, I have had to get creative with tips and tricks of my own. Today I will share simple ways to tackle anxiety while traveling head-on.


Traveling to a destination you’ve never been before may enhance your experience with anxiety.  I have created a list of foolproof ways to combat traveling anxiety.



I can’t stress the importance of this one enough.  This one alone can alleviate 98% of your anxious worries.  Having a detailed plan takes any guesswork out of the equation.  Mapping out your travels prior to the trip will save you time and your sanity.


I strongly recommend printing out your trip.  This relieves any questions you may have lingering in your subconscious.  I realize many people have navigation systems in their vehicles as do I but we are speaking in terms of those with anxiety.  For reassurance, I print out Googles directions while using my car’s navigation.  This helps to eliminate any doubts I may have, calming my anxious mind.


If you are anything like me, directionally challenged, print the direction to return home as well.



If you know ahead of time that you have obligations during your trip, make a tentative schedule that revolves around the designated times.  For instance, if you have a convention to attend at 10 am and your family wants to go sightseeing, schedule your day out so that they are entertained while you at the conference.  Research local attractions and if possible make reservations to ensure they have open slots to be occupied. This will reduce any stress you have about them waiting on you. Entertain them doing something you don’t mind missing out on.


If your hotel room offers a free breakfast make sure the family knows that breakfast is served from 6 am until 10 am and lunch will not be until noon.  This saves you money and makes sure they eat. Cutting corners will help to relieve anxiousness about funds.


If there are multiple events that must be attended in a day,  chart out the easiest and most convenient way to go about it. Let’s say you have three children and two of them are going to a school function while the other is playing in a tournament.  It is best to have the riding situation pre-planned and added to your itinerary. If they are being fed then no need to worry about lunch but if they are not then making sack lunches for the children who you are unable to be with will reduce any unnecessary spending, therefore reducing anxiety.  


For each day you should have it planned for the hour.  You will notice a huge relief as well as low to no anxiety.  These are a few examples. Plan, plan, plan!



Always pack accordingly PLUS one outfit that is opposite of the weather.  Why?? Because you never know what can happen and to avoid buying clothes that won’t fit in your luggage, pack one outfit that will serve as an emergency.  


The purpose of this is to be prepared.  Expecting the unexpected and preparing for it without going overboard.  We all overpack so rolling up some jeans and a light jacket, adding it to your bag won’t be too much of a hassle.


Take Care of Business

Before leaving home your bills should be paid or caught up and any that are due while you are gone need to be paid before the trip.  Doing so gives you the freedom to fully enjoy your vacation or staycation fund.  This goes for day trips also.

american bills business cheque

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Fill up your gas tank while you are in a place you are familiar with before you get on the road.  There are no questions if you fill up on the outskirts of your hometown. You won’t take the risk of getting lost, you know the kind of area you are in ie, crime etc and you know what to expect with the gas prices.  Basically, this boils down to no surprises which are great for avoiding anxiety.


Pack an ice chest with drinks for the road and a bag of snacks to reduce stopping and spending money on overpriced convenient store items.  This also removes any temptations you may have to impulse buy out of state relics that you do not need.


Adding stops for gas and meals to your trip itinerary takes the guesswork out of the equation.  Most importantly, do not forget your medication.  Whether it be take as needed or daily, do not leave it behind.

All of these suggestions can be combined into one word.  Prepare.  The more you do beforehand, the less anxiety you will have.  Preparedness is the one and only thing you’ll need to do to combat traveling anxiety.


Do you have any suggestions to help beat anxiety while traveling?  If so, please do share in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “The ONE and Only Thing You’ll Need to do to Combat Traveling Anxiety

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Great tips! I’m also make sure to be uber-prepared before doing a trip.

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