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For one reason or another, I thought the U.S. postal service didn’t run on Sunday.  Imagine my surprise when they pulled up today!  The delivery was my mini tripod!!  I am stoked to put it to use.  The light that attaches to my phone should be here tomorrow.  I’m unsure of how or what exactly it is I will be videoing but it’ll be something.  Possibly everything! Lol

Soon I will be able to dedicate more time into growing my following.  I have stayed busy starting a lot of projects.  At this point,  I honestly question if my products will sell.  There are so many options to chose from that I will have to make mine stand out.  I am trying to not replicate anyone’s work and add my unique flare.  It is all in the marketing and that area needs improving.

So much of my life was wasted to drugs and alcohol that almost every part of my life needs improving.  We are all works in progress yet I seem to need a tinge more.  I have been successful sticking to my goals this week.  That makes me proud of myself.  I am almost done with my list of makes for Christmas, I have been smiling more and I have worked on making journals.  I don’t know what intimidates me so much about assembling them but the ones I have made are not complete.  I just need to do it already!!!

I did forget to repost a pre-published post yesterday.  Dang it!  I am going to try and post updates on Sundays.  Strictly sticking to Monday’s and Thursday’s leaves me without views some days and that crushes my little heart. 🙁 My personal blog took a lot of maintenance so I know what needs to be done, I am just fighting for time as it is.  I am quitting my second job so that will free up some time.  I do plan on looking for another part-time gig though because of the holidays.  I’ve been dipping into my savings more than I like to admit.

Have any of y’all shopped using the Wish app???  Ggrrr.  I managed to avoid it for a few years until this week and now I’ve ordered 15 items. I don’t dare order clothes though.  I ordered a purse and soon I will know the quality of such products.  I should be receiving my goods in about two weeks maybe three.

Today was the last day in my week and I got off at 5.  My plans for the evening are to publish this post and to prepare my travel notebook weekly calendar.  Tomorrow I will be posting all about travel notebooks.  Stay tuned for that.  It’s a good one.

For the majority of you, your work week begins tomorrow and I hope y’all rested up today and prepared for a fresh week.  Don’t forget to incorporate this months motto into your daily activities!

Have a great week, y’all!



2 thoughts on “An Update

  1. manyofus1980 says:

    I never shopped on wish! I heard its great though! So may have to try it out! Happy Monday hun! How are you today? xox

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m doing great. I received some great news last night and have been on cloud 9 ever since. How are you??


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