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Note: impromptu post

Here on NYAC, I do my best to schedule my post.  Currently, I am working on a productivity calendar for myself and I have decided to I have set topics for the days I post.  This will allow me to schedule, write and edit posts in advance.  I am also doing so to balance out my discussions of mental health, journaling, crafting, and random stuff.

I do not want to lose any of you as followers and to keep you, this makes the most sense.  I will announce the details in this months newsletter.  Make sure to subscribe 🙂

I rely heavily on y’alls feedback and I really appreciate all of those who offer it.  I try and ask questions at the end of each post because I enjoy getting to know each of you more.  Your individual preferences matter to me more than you can imagine.  It helps to give me an idea of who actually reads what I write.

With that said I challenge you to share with me today what type of style do you consider yourself having?  You can label as it has been labeled by trend name or you can describe it, or use the era in which it was popular aka 1950’s.

Also do you journal?  Memory keep? Collect things that remind you of a moment you shared with another (receipts, wristbands etc), scrapbook?  If your answer is no to this question, may I ask why?  Choose one below.

A. Time restraints

B. You see no benefit/ no reward

C.  It’s only for young girls

D. You never have been interested in it

E.  You have before but have stopped



6 thoughts on “Quick Question

  1. Well, from a guy’s standpoint, I’m casual, but usually fairly put together. I can clean up nicely when necessary, but that’s not really often…and I’m fine with that. I’d rather be barefoot than anything, but can also rock a pair of insulated coveralls and mucklucks. 😃😃

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    1. i had to think about that. Would you consider it business casual, blue jeans and polo or beach casual, shorts/jeans and tee shirt?? hmmm

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      1. The latter, preferably. I wear scrubs to work, so I don’t really do business casual either. Living on a farm, being in mud and dirt, there’s a lot of jeans and Carhartt’s when I get home. Then shorts and a tee to chill in. I can wear a suit, an open jacket and slacks, jeans and sweater or a tee. But I’d prefer board shorts and bare feet to anything.

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  2. amydwestphal says:

    Time constraints rule all of my endeavors. I do enjoy scrapbooking tho. The last we’re my girls baby books. And I love all styles. Vintage or modern. If they are done well. I think you’re doing great. Love what I’ve seen so far.

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