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Peachy Cheap Review


Allow me to be honest and say I generally write reviews when something negative happens and it all depends on how or if they redeem themselves if I decide it’s worth writing about.  With that being said, Peachy Cheap and this here Chick, had a rough start.

What is Peachy Cheap?

 It is a store I found on Instagram who gathers materials, paper materials, from multiple paper designers and sells them as mixed packages at a discounted price.  And let me tell ya, they got some wicked cute stuff at rock bottom prices.! We all know how much I love a sale!! Or shopping for that matter.


So the gossip…

 I ordered from them for the first time and as excitement would have it, I got antsy around day 5 when I hadn’t received a shipped email.  I waited until day 9 before emailing them, after I read the delivery facts on the website.    I was polity responded to within 24 hours with an apology followed by a “your package has been shipped”, message.  I mean immediately following.  I waited three days for the package to arrive.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

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Distraught by the length of shipping yet pleased with the products I received I decided to give them another try.  Day 9 I emailed them, once again after reading in depth about the shipping times. This time I was frank and told them about my experience thus far.  Not rude because I’m not a rude person. I work in customer service so I know how it feels to take the brunt end of someone’s bad experience.


The next day I received an apology letter and a notice of a refund.!  My order, along with 70 others, could not be filled because of the manufacturer.  They then offered to refund my money and informed me of a package I would be receiving… like an, I’m sorry care package.  I receive a shipped email.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

Three days later a huge, ok medium, sized box arrives at my door.  As I tear into it I am surprised by the number of items that are jammed in the box.  To my surprise, I would receive many different designer papers, chipboard, stickers, ephemera a few other things!!  I hit the jackpot with this package!! It doesn’t take much to excite me but I was 100% pleased with the surprise box they sent.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

If I were to rate this company, on a scale of 1-10, I would go with a 6 because they offer quality designer products and because the shipping time takes too long.  This isn’t a bad review,. per say. I will order from them again but I will be prepared for the length of time it takes to receive.  Amazon Prime ruined it for all other companies. Lol.

Have you ever ordered from Peachy Cheap?  Would you based on my review?

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5 thoughts on “Peachy Cheap Review

  1. Thanks for sharing, the items are so cute!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. It is refreshing when a company focuses on customer support. What they offer is worth the wait.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Carol Anne says:

    sounds like you got a lovely care package for your trouble of complaining about the length of shipping time! Win win! 😛


    1. I was just making them aware because the advertise a lot quicker shipping times. Do not advertise something that you do not live up to. If it takes a while for shipping, be upfront about it. Perhaps they need more man power. I don’t know. I wouldn’t necessarily call it a complaint as much as pointing out the false advertisement.


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