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my first video ever-NYAC

Yikes Y’all!!!

I’m going to be a brave Chick and post a video that I just recorded.  I need to learn how to combine takes and trim but this will work as my first one.  I am just using my personal Youtube page and created a channel, nothing big..  This is temporary until I learn the basics of editing.  This short video took me all day 😦  I recorded multiple takes and many I liked but I somehow erased some of them and yea, just a big mass of confusion.  Lol.

Check it out and if you are on Youtube subscribe to my channel and I’ll subscribe to yours!!  Networking at its finest.

Click here

I don’t know how to add the video directly to my post but I will investigate.  I pasted the url in the media under videos and it said that type of file wasn’t supported but I am supposed to be able to post videos with my plan.  In the meantime, enjoy and give me your honest opinion….just don’t be mean.!!


16 thoughts on “My First Ever Video!

  1. This is easy, kitten. Took me sec to figure it out but here we go….when you’re playing your vid on YouTube, at the top, there is a curved arrow. Thats the share button. You can either share to wordpress directly then write post around it or….click ” copy link” and add it to your post by pasting the link onto your page. TaDa!

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    1. Do you hit the link button where you add a link of do you just add it like it is a word? Does that make sense?


      1. No ma’am! It’s exactly like copying & pasting text except you dont have to highlight the vid. Once you click the ” copy link” button, it’s on your clipboard. I post from my phone all the time so for me it’s just press & hold the spot I want the video to go, when the meny pops up….copy, paste etc, click paste.
        Similarly, if you scroll down the YouTube share list, you will find wordpress so that may be simpler to start with.

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      2. Here’s your link text

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  2. Great first video! I started my nail tutorial channel on YouTube not too long ago and it does take some practice to get the hang of it. But it works out. Congratulations on your channel!

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    1. It is a tempoary one until I get the hang of it. What video app do you use? What is your channel?

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      1. It’s good, don’t bring it down/delete the video because you’ll lose the number of views you have already.
        I use my regular phone recorder to do just that and then use iMovie to edit, which is an iPhone app. It should be already on the iPhone though, no need to download.

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      2. Thank you so much for sharing with me.

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      3. You’re welcome! 😊

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      1. Thank you! I got the notification, I subscribed to yours. 😊🙌🏽

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  3. ashleyleia says:

    Great job! I’ve never made a Youtube video, but I have had to figure out how to include a Youtube video on a post. On your Youtube video page, go to “share” and then click “embed”. It will display some code, so you copy that. Then go to your post editing page. Just under the post title there are 2 tabs, one for “visual” and the other for “html”. Click html. Then between whatever parts of the text you want the video to go, paste the embed code. Then you go back to the “visual” tab and boom, your Youtube video is there.

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    1. Awesome!! Thank you for explaining in exact detail.

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  4. Carol Anne says:

    I love it! Your accent is cool! I will subscribe! I am my mental space on youtube! xox

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    1. My accent??? Lol I could listen to you all day. My grandparents sounded like you. ❤


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