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This post is likely to change your idea of blogging.  I have found the answer to the question that has baffled me for the 5 months I have been operating NYAC!!  I can not believe I did not put the two together, rather I did not separate the two!!!

Yes, those exclamation marks are necessary because if you are anything like me, the definition of words is something that takes on a literal life of its own.  It is no secret that I have been searching for ways to monetize my site.  While behind the scenes I have been slowly dying from mass confusion and overwhelmed with all of the information available,  as of today I will no longer!!

I’ll start from the beginning….

Initial thought process

Ok, so the whole time I have been silently suffering because I have read information with suggestions of how to build a money making “blog”, keyword.  The problem that I have found was instead of offering personal stories and how you came to the place in life that you are at,  they offered stand-offish solutions to problems.  While I am sure a bit of research would allow me to post “content”, another keyword, of this nature,  all along I have wanted it to be on a more personal level.

I would rather write stories that inspire and instill hope that although you may have had it rough, there is still time to do and be what you want.  I want connection.  I want to share my fails in life so that others may be able to avoid them.  This has left me in agony ya’ll!!!!!!!!!!!  How would I ever be considered a successful blogger if I didn’t offer you a step by step takeaway?

Lost and Confused

I have spent all of this time confusing two freak’n words and it is because they are used interchangeably but are two completely, well not completely I am exaggerating, ideas.  So here I am offering you a takeaway from my months of distress, exactly what I was wanting to learn to do yet not in a strict formal way, rather my fun, upbeat way.  Are ya’ll dying to know yet???


But wait… Let me be serious about how much this has affected me.  I have literally lost sleep over this.  It has cost me hours of sleep, I have subscribed to more email list than anyone ever should and I almost quit altogether.  Not because I didn’t want to research but because there is no solution to being a bipolar alcoholic so why or how do you offer a takeaway?  You don’t.  That is giving false hope to a solution-less “problem”.  I understand that while I cannot offer a solution, I can offer ways to live with such co-occurring disorders but that approach is a personal one.  Everywhere I have read has basically said you do not give your opinion yet solve their problem.


The way I look at it is if you are solving my problem it better because you’ve experienced it.  I do not want living with bipolar advice from someone who has an aunt that is diagnosed.  And there lie the difference.  I truly hope to alleviate someone else’s confusion today.  The crazy part is,  I didn’t know there was a difference between the two words but I knew what I was reading wasn’t working because the approach is different.  The information I have been collecting was leading towards a cold, instructional type blog versus a personal, compassionate blog.


Content Creation vs Blogging

Content creation is an objective way of solving all of your problems by focusing on a particular niche and calling it a blog.  It is systematically researching a topic, offering you the answer to all of your problems, luring you in with freebies when in reality it is playing with your emotions getting you caught up in a sales funnel.  The freebies guarantee a solution when in reality it all leads towards purchasing the key to the solution with a “one-time, exclusive, ending soon, sale your soul offer fee of only $20″.  Looping you into an email funnel that promises you friendship.

I get it though, in order to work from home in your pj’s or from the balcony overlooking the Mediterranean Sea requires a plan, a tactic.  That is why they often say, ” I started making six figures when I started treating my blog as a business, Learn How Today”.  It used to always confuse me when I would stumble upon a post teaching you how to authentic.  In my opinion, if you are offering a solution to a problem this would mean that you have experienced said problem yourself which in turn has value and authenticity attached to it, how do you go about teaching that?  Isn’t that where trust comes in?

Ok, let me stop with the passive-aggressive jabs because it is likely that it is my lack of common sense that has left me running in circles for months but what many people, me,  are confusing as blogs are in reality content creation articles.

blog falls under the umbrella of content creation and it is where you are personal an opinionated, like this post.  🙂  It isn’t as formal as content writing.  But there is a catch as they consider “professional bloggers”  content creators because they write formally within a niche using a template.  Long ago when I began my journey I was confused as to how blogs began as an online journey and where, how, or when this whole idea changed.  As it looks now, it is when it became a monetized source.

If you would like to read a more descriptive and formal article on this topic, I refer you to the one I read here.  Reading this article placed a separation between what I want to be and what I was gathering information to be.  Two words that are used interchangeably yet have very different approaches have been defined for me and I never knew the two existed separate of each other.  I feel silly having typed this epiphany up but I did so in hopes of offering my readers a solution to a problem I had.  Its all in defining the terms.

Does this post clarify anything for you?

Did you find this information useful?

Which do you prefer reading, content creation articles or personalized blogs?



9 thoughts on “Stop and Read This Before Reading Anymore About Monetizing Your Site!

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Interesting post. I suppose I think of it as more of a continuum ranging from entirely personal to entirely topical. I think with a shift in perspective and some practice there’s still a way to do content creation with much of the warmth of a blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree. I am still baffled that it was this that has had me so confused for so long though.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. I’m embarrassed that I couldn’t make a connection between the two. My logical brain couldn’t make simple sense of them as the same. I am probably making myself look utterly ridiculous by posting this.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ashleyleia says:

        I don’t think so at all. It’s a big learning curve with all this kind of stuff. I feel like what I know pales in comparison to what I don’t know.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. amydwestphal says:

    I just really admire you for tackling this. It’s so daunting to even consider monetizing. It’s scares the crap out of me. Kind a my hero right now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe!! Well, I admire your level of creativity. You inspire the hell out of me ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. amydwestphal says:

        Thank you. If only we could join our superpowers huh. Lol

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow!! We would be a force for sure!! What would our name be? Hmmm

        Liked by 1 person

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