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Hi! Chicks.


So a few things have come to my attention and I am comfortable with my decision.  First off I find myself holding a lot back from NYAC in hopes of revealing it for my new self-hosted site.  That stops today. Secondly, I have not invested much time in this site because I’ve been caught up thinking about the other one.

Well, no more.

I am turning my attention to NYAC and who knows, I may not want to launch in April.  It may have to be put off. I don’t know. I’m not there yet but what I do know is I haven’t given NYAC a fair chance to grow out of fear that the third time my followers won’t transition and follow me.  I will be learning things about basic web design so the appearance may change from time to time. I do love this little spot and it needs to be shown that.

Hopefully what will happen is that I continue to grow naturally instead of trying to force it.  I’m bad about that. I can easily move on to something else before finishing what it was I was working on.  Not now. I’m at a point I almost want to quit because I’ve over-exhausted myself. I’m not quitting, ever. In due time my passions will shine but until then you can expect to hear from me more.. 🙂

Now that that was determined, I will apologize for my space cadet self and move forward!


Today’s Gratitude List

I have recently begun writing a gratitude list to start my day and I have seen results.  Many of you know that doing so benefits your mental health and so I decided to start there.  You may or may not know but I had been struggling with my mental health. I would say it lasted a full seven days but other than some self-doubt, I haven’t struggled in about 6-8 months.  Something triggered me and I don’t know what but I am monitoring myself closely.


I am grateful for.

  1. Rain.  It nourishes bits of my soul.
  2. Coffee.  For obvious reasons.
  3. My daughter.  Her presence brings me pure joy.
  4. Heaters.  
  5. The moon.  For giving me something so beautiful to look at.
  6. Socks.  
  7. Bras. 😂 but true.
  8. Laughter.  Rejuvenates me!
  9. Employment.  I will always be grateful to maintain a job.
  10. My family.  For loving me regardless.


I strongly encourage each of you to make a gratitude list today.  Surely you can come up with 10 things. Try it especially if you are having a difficult time.  

I look forward to becoming more mindful and living in the moment.  I have strayed too far from this concept and I am feeling the effects.  I am slowing down and do not feel guilty about it. Will you join me on my journey?  It begins today. ❤

How are you taking care of your mental health?  Are you improving?  What tools are you implementing?

Let’s chat!


2 thoughts on “What Matters Most

  1. ashleyleia says:

    Slower is worth being grateful for – taking the time to savor all of those other things.

    Liked by 1 person

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