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Peachy Cheap Review


Allow me to be honest and say I generally write reviews when something negative happens and it all depends on how or if they redeem themselves if I decide it’s worth writing about.  With that being said, Peachy Cheap and this here Chick, had a rough start.

What is Peachy Cheap?

 It is a store I found on Instagram who gathers materials, paper materials, from multiple paper designers and sells them as mixed packages at a discounted price.  And let me tell ya, they got some wicked cute stuff at rock bottom prices.! We all know how much I love a sale!! Or shopping for that matter.


So the gossip…

 I ordered from them for the first time and as excitement would have it, I got antsy around day 5 when I hadn’t received a shipped email.  I waited until day 9 before emailing them, after I read the delivery facts on the website.    I was polity responded to within 24 hours with an apology followed by a “your package has been shipped”, message.  I mean immediately following.  I waited three days for the package to arrive.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

Photo by Jaymantri on

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Distraught by the length of shipping yet pleased with the products I received I decided to give them another try.  Day 9 I emailed them, once again after reading in depth about the shipping times. This time I was frank and told them about my experience thus far.  Not rude because I’m not a rude person. I work in customer service so I know how it feels to take the brunt end of someone’s bad experience.


The next day I received an apology letter and a notice of a refund.!  My order, along with 70 others, could not be filled because of the manufacturer.  They then offered to refund my money and informed me of a package I would be receiving… like an, I’m sorry care package.  I receive a shipped email.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

Three days later a huge, ok medium, sized box arrives at my door.  As I tear into it I am surprised by the number of items that are jammed in the box.  To my surprise, I would receive many different designer papers, chipboard, stickers, ephemera a few other things!!  I hit the jackpot with this package!! It doesn’t take much to excite me but I was 100% pleased with the surprise box they sent.

Peachy Cheap Review-NYAC

If I were to rate this company, on a scale of 1-10, I would go with a 6 because they offer quality designer products and because the shipping time takes too long.  This isn’t a bad review,. per say. I will order from them again but I will be prepared for the length of time it takes to receive.  Amazon Prime ruined it for all other companies. Lol.

Have you ever ordered from Peachy Cheap?  Would you based on my review?

Let’s chat!!

Looking for info about stationery?

Find it here!



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Hey, Chicks!

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This post is a different kind of post for NYAC.  A fun, light-hearted post to start the week and share some Southern hospitality with you amazing peeps!!  Enjoy!

 I was only given enough cooking skills to keep me and my precious teen alive, so when I share recipes they will be delicious and simple.  For instance, today I am going to share a 

Sweet Southern favorite.

There isn’t a Southern home or restaurant that you will visit that doesn’t have this in their fridge.  It’s a sweet concoction sent from the heavens. It is easy to whip up and many different flavors can be added to enhance its goodness.  Personally, I prefer no additives. It is perfect the way it is.

What is it??

Classic Sweet Tea

I told you this will be simple.  *you can make it on the stove but today we are doing the simple way


    • 3 large or 6 small Lipton iced tea bags (or 1 one-gallon sized tea bag)
    • 1-gallon container that pours easily
    • 2 cups of hot water
    • Microwave
    • 1 ⅛ cup of cane sugar
    • ¾ a gallon of cold water
    • Stirring spoon
    • 1.5 qt glass mixing bowl

Ready?  Let’s do the damn thang!

~ Once you gather your ingredients you will place your tea bag(s) in the glass bowl and fill ¾ full of water.

~ Next, you will place your bowl in the microwave for 7 minutes.

~ While your tea is in the microwave steeping,  dump your sugar into the one-gallon pourable container.  Add 2 cups of hot water and stir. The purpose is to melt the sugar.

~ Allow the tea to cool (steep) in the microwave for roughly 10 minutes.  Be careful when you remove the bowl.  It will be warm.

~ Last you add your tea to your pitcher with the 2 cups of water and melted sugar, stir. * Be careful pouring as the contents will be hot and can cause a steam burn if too hot

~ Fill the pitcher up with cold water while you stir.  You should have a little foam that forms at the top of the tea.

~ Feel free to add peach or raspberry flavoring syrups.  Do so sparingly.

That’s it!!  Now grab a cup with some ice and pour your tea over the ice.  You may want to put extra ice in because the warm tea will melt it immediately.

Store in the refrigerator once it has cooled down.  Do not put it in while hot or it will sour. The shelf life is 3 days.  Good luck in getting it to last that long!!  At my house, we make a pitcher of tea every other day.

 I hope you enjoy this Southern staple.

Have you ever tried sweet tea?  How sweet do you like it? Do you cook it on the stove or in the microwave?


Be sure to let me know if you make this sweet thirst quencher!!  Snap a pic and post it in the comments 🙂

A Sneak Peek-NYAC

Hey, Chicks!!

Note: impromptu post

Here on NYAC, I do my best to schedule my post.  Currently, I am working on a productivity calendar for myself and I have decided to I have set topics for the days I post.  This will allow me to schedule, write and edit posts in advance.  I am also doing so to balance out my discussions of mental health, journaling, crafting, and random stuff.

I do not want to lose any of you as followers and to keep you, this makes the most sense.  I will announce the details in this months newsletter.  Make sure to subscribe 🙂

I rely heavily on y’alls feedback and I really appreciate all of those who offer it.  I try and ask questions at the end of each post because I enjoy getting to know each of you more.  Your individual preferences matter to me more than you can imagine.  It helps to give me an idea of who actually reads what I write.

With that said I challenge you to share with me today what type of style do you consider yourself having?  You can label as it has been labeled by trend name or you can describe it, or use the era in which it was popular aka 1950’s.

Also do you journal?  Memory keep? Collect things that remind you of a moment you shared with another (receipts, wristbands etc), scrapbook?  If your answer is no to this question, may I ask why?  Choose one below.

A. Time restraints

B. You see no benefit/ no reward

C.  It’s only for young girls

D. You never have been interested in it

E.  You have before but have stopped


Hey, Chicks!


While I am no stranger to journaling and its benefits, I am new to the travel notebook and junk journal craze.  Many of you know that I began my blogging journey a little over a year ago and prior to that, I had no interest in the web.  That explains how I missed the cue for junk journaling.  Had I been aware of it four years ago, I would be a pro!  While I am not a pro I have dipped my toes into the diamond-water and have fallen in love.  In my efforts to stay true to my uniqueness I have been combining my newfound love for the two ever since discovering them.

You can read about the travel notebook here.

My collecting of pretty papers has grown into its own entity with stacks of gorgeous, graphic art.  My love for vintage shows through in my collection prompting me to incorporate vintage styles in my journaling.  To say I am addicted is an understatement.  For as long as I can remember my love of stationery has existed only to become a full-fledged obsession!  Much healthier than past addictions.

I decided before beginning this blog turning my love for stationery into a business.  The motive behind Not Your Average Chick is to motivate those with mental illness to journal about their experiences with mental illness.  Not specifically the struggles but life in general.  I have found journaling to help alleviate symptoms related to mental illness, personally addiction and bipolar disorder.  The benefits of journaling have proven a connection with self.  This connection is a healthy balance in an unbalanced world.

My own struggles with self-esteem and self-doubt have left me stuck with collecting items yet not following through with the creation of.  Never having been the creative type, outside from my imagination,  it was difficult to accept my style for all things stationery.

I am overly ecstatic to announce that I have overcome a huge hurdle!!  Buckling down and just doing it allowed me to create a beautiful junk journal that will soon be for sale.  From an old dilapidated book to a piece of art, I present to you my first ever completed junk journal.  I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Here goes nothing ……  PLEASE leave your comments on the results.

I did it-NYAC

front cover made by NYAC


I did it-NYAC

inside pages that have been dyed for an aging effect – made by NYAC


I did it-NYAC

more inside pages. including ledger paper and more dyed pages-made by NYAC

I did it-NYAC

an inside page where I used a 12×12 page cut down to size-made by NYAC

I did it-NYAC

inside pages including book pages from the original book-made by NYAC

I did it-NYAC

the back inside cover. I kept the original because it is interesting-made by NYAC

On the inside back cover, I have added an old library card envelope that I collected.  The card is an artist trading card made from a standard playing card, inserted into the library card envelope.  The card can be taken out for the owner to add more decoration to it and trade if they like.  I will be adding embellishment to some of the inside pages with lace and other materials.  Many of the pages will be left blanket so that the owner can journal and decorate themselves.

I did it-NYAC

the back cover where I collaged different pieces similar to the front-made by NYAC

I did it-NYAC

the book closed with a pearl charm that hangs below the book pages-made by NYAC


I hope you enjoyed this sneak peek into my style. I hope now you have an idea of what my future products will look like.  More importantly, I would love your feedback on the design and overall style of this upcycled book turned junk journal.


Hey, Chicks!

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You may or you may not remember but in my first ever paper haul I complained about a flimsy journal that I regretted paying full price for, $8.00 😂…. Well that gem is currently my favorite and I am so happy I did not return it!  Little did I know I was diving into a pool of amazing! You may have heard of it or you may be late to the game like me but it is called a Midori travel notebook, Japan’s famous stationer. If you haven’t heard of it and you like journaling, planning or sketching, you have got to get your hands on one!  You will instantly become obsessed! Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

What is it???

The brand name, Midori, cost more than the measly eight dollars I spent because they are genuine leather.  The version I have is considered a fauxdori and it works just fine, although I am dying for a real leather one.  Mine is made from vinyl, I believe, but people are making them from fabric as well. What’s all the fuss about? Well, I’m about to tell ya!

Midori or fauxdori travel notebooks are a system that allows you to personalize the inside contents by adding what are called inserts.  Inserts are thin notebooks with different types of paper or you insert folders with pockets or dashboards (decorative dividers).  Depending on how many strings your Dori has determines how many inserts it will hold. Are you still with me?

Strings?  What are the strings?  Strings are located in the fold (spine) of the Dori allowing you to add the inserts in order for it to suit your needs.  Ok…. How are the inserts added to the string? I’m glad you asked. You will find the middle of your insert/notebook and loop the whole thing through the string so that the string is holding your insert in by the middle of your notebook.  A different way of explaining it would be that the middle of your insert is straddling the attached string. Attached string? Yes. The string is attached through holes, at the top and bottom of the fold, that are punched in order to loop the elastic string through.  

Maybe a picture will help. 

Now that you have a visual, did you notice the closure?  It is an elastic string as well that loops around from the back, middle of the cover around the notebook, holding it closed.  My fauxdori’s closure is inserted in the middle of the fold, its spine, looping around holding it together. This is on the same seam as the other string(s).  I’ve noticed that a lot of people who make their own Dori prefer to make it with the closure threaded through its fold instead of the way the original Midori does it.  Whatever your preference.

Back to the cover.  The cover, of the original, is made from genuine leather and measures 8.25 x 4.33 inches (pictured).  A slender, portable size. The leather is measured and folded length lengthways and then the elastic string(s) is added.  From the original version, others have created multiple sizes including passport, personal, A5, B6 slim, B6 wide….. to suit their individual needs.  If I’m not mistaken the “real” Slim Shady… I mean Midori cover does not come with pockets prompting them to be added via insert. The other spin-offs will generally add pockets to the inside front and back of the cover.   

Why would you want or need so many inserts?  



They are each to be used for different purposes such as a calendar, sketchbook, journal but you can use them however you chose.  That’s what is so brilliant about this system. It is easily customizable allowing you to determine how you use each insert. It is recommended to record your travels hence the travel notebook description but can be used in a plethora of ways.  An insert for budgeting, one for your artwork, one as a to-do list, one for your blogging ideas, the possibilities are endless.

As with most trends, new versions are created and add to the flair creating a craze.  Embellishments can be added to the pages like scrapbooking paper, charms hang from pages and bookmarks and the edges of paper have frill added to them dazzling up each travel notebook uniquely.  Studios send out monthly kits intended to be used in decorating, adding to memory keeping pages. Stamps, junk and watercolor art make each insert a personal memory tracker. Etsy shops and bloggers sell homemade inserts or offer free printable downloads to fans of this new concept in journaling.  A truly customizable experience for the owner.

My personal fauxdori is made with a single string but through methods discovered, I have been able to add multiple inserts using only an elastic hair tie.  I bought a package of three inserts and use two of them. One with blank pages that I decorate and use as a weekly calendar spread and the other has dotted pages used for blog related material.  The third insert I made myself with eclectic paper similar to what is used in junk journaling. Papers that I have coffee dyed, vintage book pages, scrapbook paper and much more complete my journaling insert.

These vintage paper inserts will soon be available for sale from yours truly🙂

Once I fill the inserts I purchased I will only use those that I make.  The plan is to theme sets of three yet use them individually for specific purposes.

If you are anything like me and prefer to customize every notebook you’ve ever owned then this system will become a healthy obsession.  Having a designated place for your thoughts, your priorities, and your ideas all in one easy to carry notebook allows you to write your experiences at the moment.  Doing so can help with coping skills as well as helping you explain, in detail, your raw emotions to your doctor. Journaling and planning have more benefits than most realize.  I strongly encourage finding a system that works for you. Having done so myself has improved my scheduling, my mental health and enhanced my creativity.

Will you give the travel notebook a try?  If so, click on any link and it will take you to it!  I added links for each item I use.  Let me know your experience with the travel notebook!

Hey, Chicks!

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For one reason or another, I thought the U.S. postal service didn’t run on Sunday.  Imagine my surprise when they pulled up today!  The delivery was my mini tripod!!  I am stoked to put it to use.  The light that attaches to my phone should be here tomorrow.  I’m unsure of how or what exactly it is I will be videoing but it’ll be something.  Possibly everything! Lol

Soon I will be able to dedicate more time into growing my following.  I have stayed busy starting a lot of projects.  At this point,  I honestly question if my products will sell.  There are so many options to chose from that I will have to make mine stand out.  I am trying to not replicate anyone’s work and add my unique flare.  It is all in the marketing and that area needs improving.

So much of my life was wasted to drugs and alcohol that almost every part of my life needs improving.  We are all works in progress yet I seem to need a tinge more.  I have been successful sticking to my goals this week.  That makes me proud of myself.  I am almost done with my list of makes for Christmas, I have been smiling more and I have worked on making journals.  I don’t know what intimidates me so much about assembling them but the ones I have made are not complete.  I just need to do it already!!!

I did forget to repost a pre-published post yesterday.  Dang it!  I am going to try and post updates on Sundays.  Strictly sticking to Monday’s and Thursday’s leaves me without views some days and that crushes my little heart. 🙁 My personal blog took a lot of maintenance so I know what needs to be done, I am just fighting for time as it is.  I am quitting my second job so that will free up some time.  I do plan on looking for another part-time gig though because of the holidays.  I’ve been dipping into my savings more than I like to admit.

Have any of y’all shopped using the Wish app???  Ggrrr.  I managed to avoid it for a few years until this week and now I’ve ordered 15 items. I don’t dare order clothes though.  I ordered a purse and soon I will know the quality of such products.  I should be receiving my goods in about two weeks maybe three.

Today was the last day in my week and I got off at 5.  My plans for the evening are to publish this post and to prepare my travel notebook weekly calendar.  Tomorrow I will be posting all about travel notebooks.  Stay tuned for that.  It’s a good one.

For the majority of you, your work week begins tomorrow and I hope y’all rested up today and prepared for a fresh week.  Don’t forget to incorporate this months motto into your daily activities!

Have a great week, y’all!


A Sneak Peek-NYAC

Hey, Chicks!

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I’m conflicted.  I want to show ya’ll sneak peeks of my progress but I do not want to fill my storage, although I have plenty.  I am trying to decide between posting them here or Instagram because that is exactly what that platform is for.  Not all of you are on Instagram and my blog is where it all started.  I guess I kind of made a decision by typing this out.

  • Plenty of storage to upload photos
  • Not everyone is on Insta
  • This is where my loyal followers are

It is obvious what I should do.  That is what is so healthy about writing/typing things down.  You are able to see the pros and cons before your eyes.  Depending on which outweighs the other helps to make decisions for you.  Making decisions is not something I am good at.  I worry about other people’s opinion too much.

Next time you are torn between two ideas, write them down.  This should help you make a decision.  Once you make the decision, stick to it!  So…. I will add a few pics of what I have been up too.  Yay!

A Sneak Peek-NYAC

A Sneak Peek-NYAC

A Sneak Peek-NYAC

The above photos are some papers with different textures that were first coffee or tea dyed and then I added either acrylic paint, gesso or spray inks, making backgrounds for any project.  These can be cut, torn or used whole with additional textures layered to create a piece of art.  This was my first ever batch process of backgrounds.  I have used various pieces in projects which were easy to elevate with these backgrounds.

I ordered a mini tripod and light for my phone and soon I will be adding video to the Coop!  This will allow me to video process video’s, introduce my Ma and add much more character to our space.  I’ve been holding that info in for a week!  Exciting, right!?  Stay tuned as I will be sharing more and you don’t want to miss out on the videos!!

Have a great day today!

💙 Candace Lynne

 8 Life Changing Reasons I Take Medication

Written by: Candace

Included in this article is a first person point of view concerning her experience with mental medications.  This is not a substitute for professional advice in regards to mental illness. Please seek professional advice from a licensed psychiatrist.  Complex symptoms make everyone’s experience differ.


Mental health isn’t a topic I shy away from.  In fact, it is a subject I encourage speaking on openly.  The stigma of mental health leaves many untreated and even worse, uneducated.  Symptoms are individually based making it a challenge to relate to others who suffer from mental illness.  What if I told you-you didn’t have to suffer? You don’t!!


Back history


For street cred, I’ll share a brief snippet of my story.  Being a career bartender I had unlimited access to alcohol.  Drinking on the job was as normal as working and I did so for too many years (age 18-35).  Abusing street drugs, all except crack, PCP, and heroin, was a daily occurrence.  At age 33 I had a mental breakdown and was, at that time, diagnosed with major depressive disorder (mdd).  This led to being medicated which helped but was canceled out from the substances I continued to poison myself with.  After a year of these medications, I would quit cold turkey ( I strongly discourage against).


On April 20, 2015, I know right, I decided it was time to get honest with myself.  Again medicated for major depressive disorder, I would incorporate intensive, outpatient individual and group counseling.  I have not had a drink since that day! After a year I would notice symptoms of rapid speech, obsessive thoughts, and severe depression.  I was functioning but the medication was no longer working. I switched psychiatrists and received the diagnosis of bipolar….. and it saved my life.


How’s that for a snippet?


Something I left out in my snippet was I refused antipsychotic medication for bipolar for a year.

Why a year?


Because that was as long as I could hold out.  My symptoms began controlling my life. My anger and aggravation were at its peak and I was about to lose my job because of my attitude.


Similar to a wet cat, pissed and wired, I drug myself into the psychiatrist’s office.  Immediately she knew. She pointed out that my struggles were apparent. At this point, I was ultra-rapid cycling.


The moment I accepted my new medication, I became a stranger to myself”
8 Life-Changing Reasons I take medication-NYAC

Photo by on

The 8 Life Changing Reasons I Take Medication


  1. I could think clearer
  2.  I could speak a sentence without fumbling my words
  3. My ability to pay attention was stellar
  4. My anger dissipated
  5. My lack of patience disappeared into thin air
  6. I became calm, cool and collected
  7. My stomach no longer churn with aggravation at others quirks
  8. I was happy


At one point I became too flat and emotionless so we adjusted my regime by cutting my antidepressant in half. This adjustment would lead me down a road full of positive thinking.


I have lived my whole life with the symptoms I was experiencing and it was normal, my normal until they intensified.


Thinking Clear


My entire life I have had thoughts come and go as soon as they began.  They were never complete always making it difficult to accomplish anything.  They can be described like Tigger bouncing around on his tail except it was in my head.  Jumbled thoughts cluttered my mind making it impossible to think. Ideas pinged around like the ball in a pinball machine.  It was indeed frustrating but that is all I knew.


Speaking full sentences

Having the ability to communicate with others is a gift we take for granted.  Stuttering my words led to frustration and embarrassment at times. My mind has always sped ahead of my mouth confusing the words that came out.  Throughout life, I have been told “calm down”, “ take your time” and phrases of that nature because of rapid speech. Looking back this is a symptom I have shown since childhood.


Paying Attention


My inability to pay attention goes with the jumbled mess that rattles in my head.  It affects my focus and my ability to complete tasks. What’s that mean???? Complete?!?!  Seriously almost everything I have begun, I quit doing before completion. I used to believe I bore quickly when it is problematic racing thoughts that distract me from the task at hand.


“I didn’t have to have a reason.  Them breathing was reason enough”


This is the biggest one.  My tendency to quick temper is as Candace as my name.  It is a part of me. It used to consume all of me. This is where I have experienced the most 360° change.  Sometimes I don’t even know who I am on behalf of my lack of reaction.


The problem I’ve always had with my anger has been not knowing why I was angry.  My Ma used to say “She’s mad at the world”.  Until recently I couldn’t contribute my anger to anything and now I know it is a symptom of bipolar which in turn gives me a way to approach this nasty subject.  This is a prime example of how educating yourself benefits you.


Lack of patience


You are either patient or not.  There is no real middle ground with this one.  Prior to medication, I was always so antsy. In a hurry to go nowhere and I wanted to get nowhere fast!  Sitting for too long was impossible because nothing was getting accomplished but due to my lack of attention, nothing was ever accomplished anyway.


If you haven’t noticed there is a pattern forming, all of these symptoms are intertwined.  It seems that the medication quickly targeted the two major ones adjusting them all.


Calm, Cool and Collected

Being calm, cool, and collected is a feeling that comes from within.  All of my life I have been a ball of energy waiting to explode. Never feeling settled, relaxed or satisfied.  The feelings of being complacent had been foreign to me until three days after beginning my medication.


The antipsychotic I take is an instant targeting medication.  Meaning its effects are immediate. Many other medications take weeks to get in your system and maybe a month before they begin to work.  I didn’t have that time. I had already waited too long before accepting my meds and my instance was an emergency.



Before my anger outburst, there was always a gut feeling it was going to happen.  My stomach would be in knots and I would feel constant disgust with people. I didn’t have to have a reason.  Them breathing was reason enough. I am happy to say the only time I experience this today is if I miss a dose and this is my indicator reminding me.




When you live with mental illness, this one is hard to come by.  Happiness is a feeling I am not familiar with. Drug-induced happiness isn’t the same.  Obviously. After beginning the regime that works for me I woke with joy. Smiling from ear to ear and feeling guilty for it.  I had no reason to be smiling. If ever I had smiled before, I was up to no good. I didn’t and still don’t know how to just be happy and allow it.  It doesn’t feel right. I feel silly and giddy. I am working on staying happy and accepting it as is. Everyone deserves happiness in their life and I do too!

8 Life-Changing Reasons I take medication-NYAC

Photo by Matan Segev on

These 8 life-changing reasons are reason enough to continue on my journey of medicated recovery.  For these reasons of feelings I had never had naturally or achieved, I knew I did the right thing by accepting medication.  


Taking medication is trial and error.  It took many wrong prescriptions before finding what works for me.  Not everyone will share the same experience as mine. I recommend following doctors orders and communicating with them what is or isn’t working for you.  You know your body better than anyone. Speak up and be proactive in your recovery.


A Sneak Peek-NYAC

Hey, Chicks!


October’s Motto is…

The best way to predict the future is to create it!! 

 Nice.  I really like that and it falls seamlessly into place with where I’m at in the scheme of things with this life of mine.

October 2018 motto and goals-NYAC

October’s Realistic Goals

This month I broke my goals into three categories.  Regardless of last months fails, I will achieve those I set this month!  The three categories are:

  • Personal
  • Blogs
  • NYAC

Personal is for work and home, soccer and other child activities.  Blogs is what I want to achieve with both blogs this month and NYAC is for creating.  I have a feeling that breaking life down into these categories will make it easier for me.  Last month was too broad and I didn’t take anything into account when I made September’s goals,  I just whipped ’em up out of thin air and we see where that got me!

October’s Goals


  •  Save $10.00 a shift for Christmas shopping until Black Friday.
  • Smile more 🙂
  • Make Christmas list of makes
  • Make request off list for days needed off for soccer games and tournaments.  Write in the request off book.
  • Be a better friend.


  • Add links to old posts.  Update information.
  • Keep posting on schedule on NYAC and at least once a week on my personal blog.
  • Reblog a post on Saturdays on NYAC.


  • Complete Septembers tasks of making journals from start to finish.
  • Stock up on backgrounds.
  • Collect groups of papers to make signatures.

Let’s see how this approach works.  Already it seems more reasonable as well as attainable.  I did, however, have a successful No Spend Week the last week of September.  I had to prove to myself that I could have self-control.

Chick tip: Writing your goals down makes you 40% more likely to achieve.  (affiliate link)

How do you achieve your goals?  Do you set monthly goals?  Tell me about what works for you in the comments.

Let’s Chat!

Hey, Chicks!

5 Tips to Prevent New Business Burnout-NYAC

Beginnings are scary.  Embarking on a new

adventure leaves you feeling vulnerable especially when you are not familiar with the process and fear failure as the result.  As with any project, building a business can be discouraging.  These feelings of inadequacy may be the result of


  • financial strain
  • limited funding
  • lack of knowledge
  • low confidence
  • limited resources
  • creative burnout
5 Tips to Prevent New Business Burnout-NYAC

Photo by Alena Koval on


The pitfalls may be unavoidable but below are 5 tip to help prevent early business burnout.


  1. Take a break.  Step away from the project entirely, for a day.  Chances are your life revolves around the new project.  To stay motivated it is important to separate yourself from time to time.  Give yourself a break.  Do not discuss the project or work on it for 24 hours.  Spend the days with friends or family and enjoy making new memories
  2. Set hours of operation.  Work on your business or project only during work hours.  You are likely to think about your new operation constantly.  Setting work hours allows you to continue accomplishing daily tasks.  No working “off the clock”.  This helps to prevent burn out and exhaustion.
  3. Monitor food and water intake.  Much of the time when we are busy our diet is affected.  We eat meals high in fat and low in nutrition.  Fast food replaces healthier choices because of its easy access.  Higher levels of caffeine are consumed resulting in a caffeine rush followed by a crash.  Unhealthy food and beverages make us feel sluggish and lazy.  It is important to monitor your intake of these before forming bad habits.
  4. Get plenty of rest.  It is hard to be a functional partner in an operation when you are tired.  Our brains do not function properly on lack of sleep.  We get stuck in a head fog that lowers our responsive time.  Sleep is vital to performance.  The recommended sleep of eight hours may not be possible but a solid six hours will do.
  5. Switch projects.  If you are working on multiple projects switch your focus to a different project or area of business.  Chances are other areas could use a fresh set of eyes on them.  If possible, switch with a co-worker and allow them the opportunity to assist in the area you are exhausted in.


Pay attention to your stressors and do not allow yourself to stay overwhelmed.  If you find your new endeavor is creating instability in your life,  refocus and evaluate your reasons behind beginning.  As soon as you feel your momentum slipping, tackle it early on to prevent early business burnout.


Monitor your time and productivity to ensure you are being productive with the time available.  Operating a business is no walk in the park.  It takes strategy, tenacity, and determination.  You cannot wing it and be successful.  Sure you can but your profits will not impress and eventually, everything will crumble.  Begin strong and be patient.  Most of all remain aware and be kind to yourself.  We all make forgivable mistakes.


One day at a time.  Keep it simple.

Have you experienced early business burnout?  If so, how were you able to bounce back?

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