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Hey, Chicks!  I remember when I began blogging the one thing I kept thinking was 


Ever since I decided to get back on Facebook I have noticed new bloggers reaching out, a lot.  Although I am not a professional, I am more experienced than a new blogger.

Always looking for ways to give back, I decided mentorship was my chance and since then I have taken on two new bloggers.  Yes on top of everything else.  I have created an outline for me to go by of the basics and have found it rewarding guiding them with useful information.  Theeennn this sparked an awesome idea I couldn’t pass up!

If you would like to take part in mentoring brand new bloggers, I am accepting  “applications”.  Soon I will  create an actual application for volunteers, a guide for them to follow and detailed information about the program.  I will set a number that is reasonable of the amount of mentee’s you can take on to ensure you do not get overwhelmed and they receive the amount of information necessary to begin a blog.

There will be a rotation of when our services are advertised on social media.  This is meant to assist in beginning a blog or if they have one established that isn’t getting any traction.  I will not hide the fact that we are not a professional service but I will treat it as such.  I will make sure it is organized and productive.  There will be a limit set of how long our sessions are and the only time for enrollment will be when one session is over.  I am considering making it a 3 month period that we work with our clients.

There will be requirements for you to meet to volunteer.  This will be a free service that we offer to give back to the community.  It will be at the discretion of the mentor when service is denied, passed on to another mentor or services cutoff due to lack of communication or conflict.  There will be a form to be filled out with who and why that must be submitted to me for the ceasing of service.

This is a volunteer-based service and I aim to make it successful and stress-free.  If you find you cannot commit after signing up, a notice of 7 days can be submitted and no hard feelings acquired.


I am opening up to WordPress bloggers now so that you have time to prepare.  Contact me via email with your name and website with the subject mentor if you are interested.  I have a feeling this program will grow rapidly and I would love to work closely with many of you.

Once the application is made up, I will email you with it and it is here you can decide 100% if you would like to be a part of something like this.  The guideline will be mailed at this time as well.  I can guarantee this by January of 2019.


Familiar with WordPress

Have or will create a Gmail account

Will download Hangouts, Drive and Docs- apps by Google

Have at least one-year experience in blogging

Have at least 8 hours a week you can donate your time (split up however you decide works best for you and your clients)

More may be added with the development of the program

This program will not focus on monetizing, SEO or email marketing.  Our focuses will be setting up a blog using WordPress and producing content.  We will guide them in the appearance of their blog through suggestions, not requirements as that will be the basis of the program, suggestive forms of teaching.  We will edit the (content) pages they prefer to have on their site and their first post only.

The demand for this is huge right now!  Instead of trying to capitalize off of it,  I created this free program as a public service.  You never know, this may boost your traffic.  So many possibilities can come from this.

A Facebook page will be created and dedicated to those who participate.  Mentors and their mentees will be accepted into this private group.  It will be here that we share our blogging resources and help each other with mentoring.



9 thoughts on “Blogger Mentor Program

  1. I’m interested but as only a one year blogger, I may need to be a mentee! What a great idea!

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    1. I believe one year to be plenty especially if you’ve tweaked your site behind the scenes. I put one year of blogging as a qualification so you fall right in line.! I plan on launching in January of 2019.

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      1. Sign me up. I’ll do what I can.

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      2. That is all I ask. I will be sending out a guide to help assist all volunteers. It will be somewhat of an outline of what should be covered but I encourage everyone to add to it as they see fit. That is where the Facebook group will come in handy. I just recently got back on Facebook and I hope others will utilize the group once it is established- shooting for mid-December. 🙂 Your name is in the book!! Can you send me your email address. If you would like for it to remain private, you can email me using my contact page.

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      3. Just sent my email to your contact page.


  2. I think this is an amazing idea and I would but I don’t have a gmail account, probably wont get one either, however I will promote this as much as I can

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    1. Awesome. Why not Gmail? And I plan on launching the idea in January. I’m sure the rules can be altered to suit your email address. 🙂

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      1. I have 3 emails I check on a daily basis as it is

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