Not Your Average Chick

Stationery Enthusiast & Mental Wellness Advocate

NYAC mission statement

NYAC’s mission is to open the lines of communication between those affected by mental illness and those not by infusing vintage and modern design stationery.

There is a separation in society when it comes to those affected by mental illness.  This is referred to as a stigma.  The effects of this stigma, in particular, is causing great tragedy among those diagnosed with an invisible illness.  When dealing with matters of the mind, illnesses are not visually noticeable like those who deal with a physical deformity.  In this instance, society deems this unacceptable or not real.  Mental illness is real and those affected suffer on behalf of the ignorance of the masses.  Many remain quiet about their symptoms or shy away from the topic for fear of being ostracized.  This attitude has to change.  People are losing their lives daily to suicide.  We are experiencing an epidemic, a crisis.

NYAC’s goal is to offer cards that open the dialogue, offer help and express concern.  Mental illness doesn’t have to be negative and people with it can lead productive lives but they need to be able to be open about their experience.  Help #stopthesilence and encourage those affected to #speakup!


It’s me!

*products will be for sale beginning April 2019

Make a difference.  Donate.

Not Your Average Chick

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