Not Your Average Chick

Stationery Enthusiast & Mental Wellness Advocate

During my infinite internet scrolls, my curiosity is often intrigued by the names of blogs.  More so the meaning behind the name. This led me to dedicate a fun, original page explaining the name behind Not Your Average Chick.  

During my “beginning a blog” research it became evident the importance of your blogs name.  Many suggestions pointed towards including your niche in your name so that it could be easily found while others recommend using your name. Regardless of the suggestions, your domain name relies heavily on whether or not it is available for purchase.

Reading the advice of others is great as a guide but being the natural born rebel that I am I have a tendency to borrow pieces of advice that suit my specific needs while always adding my own flair.  Ultimately making Not Your Average Chick the perfect fit for me. I would have preferred a more original cliche but once I said “Not Your Average Chick”, it stuck.  Not only with me but with my Ma and Kid who have a lot of say in how this blog is operated. 😉

And it is true.  I do not fit the stereotypical mold of societies standards for a woman.  I am a dominant female, I do not like pink and I am opinionated. My fashion sense is unique, my humor is crude and dry and my mouth is sarcastic.  I am a realist, never a romantic and moderation and no do not exist in my vocabulary. I am quirky, weird and honest, to a fault. Among all of the things I am not, I am kind, empathetic, protective and intelligent.

Like you, I am one of a kind.  Doing my best to make it through each day and trying to make an impact somewhere along the way.  It has taken me 40 years to accept and embrace my uniqueness and some days I still struggle but one thing that I’ve learned is that we all have a special gift to share with others.  This blog is me discovering mine.

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